Alura Jenson’s first anal scene in two years

Alura Jenson’s first anal scene in two years

Alura Jenson's first anal scene in 2 years

In her 1st anal scene in over two years, king-size titted, bigger than run of the mill bootied bombshell Alura Jenson, Fourty one, “gets nailed,” in her own words, by big-dicked Johnny Goodluck. It’s a great combination. Johnny bonks her face with his ding-dong, and Alura tries to take each inch. She talks messy while that babe is jacking his shlong and during the time that he’s banging her colossal mounds. This babe moans loudly when she is getting her fur pie and gazoo drilled, and this chab cums all over her mellons.

Alura, who lives in Las Vegas and measures an astounding 48-30-44, likes sex.

“I started shooting porn ‘coz my personal carnal habits were becoming dangerous, and doing porn was a safer alternative to exercise my sensual wants out of exposing myself to potential danger,” this babe told.

In other words, fucking strangers on-camera is a lot safer than fucking strangers in her civilian life.

The U.S. Navy veteran earned a degree in exercise kinesiology after she left the service and became an instructor in that field. That babe grew up in a large Catholic family and has kids of her own.

Alura dated and married one of her fans. That relationship ended when this chab became masterful and did not urge her banging dark-skinned lads. As an independent lady, Alura was having none of that.

Alura’s long-term plans are to direct her own clips and spend more time on the other side of the digital camera. That can await. We love her on the side of the camera where we can watch her. Jack off to her. Do all the things that babe desires us to do.

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Alone with Natasha Ola

Alone with Natasha Ola

Alone with Natasha Ola

“I’m a bad beauty,” told 44-year-old Natasha Ola, a wife from Moldova who now lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. “I can’t assist myself. When I get hot, I am hot.”

Natasha is scorching hot in this scene. This tight little fuck doll is wearing hawt underware that shows off her arse, back, curves and bigger in size than average mounds, as well as nylons that reveal off her long legs. Her teats are rock-hard. Her briefs are slight. That babe checks herself out in the mirror and likes what that babe sees. We love what we see, too.

“I like to be appreciated,” Natasha said. “Why not? I love it. I just like being sexy.”

She’s hawt, fun-loving and vivacious. We’ve already seen that at In one scene, that babe drilled a hung charmer. In one more, she rogered 2 young chaps. That babe could not believe how youthful the boyz were. “Unbelievable,” that babe told. Unbelievable is a nice word to describe Natasha’s sexiness.

Natasha’s kinkiest carnal collision took place at a construction web resource.

“There was a building being brawny, and we went inside and had sex. We were standing and he crammed me up against the wall and banged me. I came so much that my crotch and gazoo were totally luscious. Now I’d have to say that another perverted experience was rogering 2 dudes in your studio.”

This day, we have Natasha all to ourselves. This babe displays off her body and then lies back and plays with her cookie. She cums. You’ll cum. Deal!

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Anal Alura

Anal Alura

Anal Alura

Super-hot, cock-loving SEXY HOUSEWIFE Alura Jenson makes her 1st appearance at and receives rogered in her bigger than typical, taut booty. No surprise there. Anal is not quite always on the menu with 41-year-old Alura, who once told us, “If we’re not screwing on the 1st date, there will not be a second date.”

Alura isn’t love almost all porn starlets. This babe was once in the YOU.S. Navy. She’s a Mother. After getting divorced and leaving the military, this babe moved to Las Vegas and became a gogo dancer at the all-nude Palomino Lap dancing club. She got an offer to appear in hardcore in 2011 and by no means looked back. That babe lists her top 3 raunchy experiences as “all of my gang bangs, drunken sex and sex with strangers.”

Here are some more interesting tidbits about Alura:

• “I very rarely masturbate. I have so much sex. I do not feel the need to masturbate, but when I do, it is usually quick. I’ll glide my fingers over my clitoris until I agonorgasmos.”

• “The funniest pick-up line I have ever heard from a lady-killer was ‘Excuse me, Miss. I couldn’t aid but notice that your cookie was talking to me.'”

• “I’ve been with a lot of beauties. I absolutely love sweethearts. I’m not homosexual but that’s only ‘coz I adore shlong so much. My erotic fantasy is to be the grandmaster of an fuckfest.”

Alura not at any time holds back. She gives her all in each scene. This babe loves to shag. This babe loves having a large jock in her arse. Like we told, there aren’t many like her.

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Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

When this scene widens, 46-year-old Cora Comfort is wearing a very short, white, fishnet suit. She is very sexually excited. That babe urges rod. She walks down the stairs, talking about how gracious she thinks Seyvan’s meat-thermometer is going to be.

“I cant await,” this babe says. “More penis and gracious, black skin all over my body. It makes me so aroused. I just want more and more and more.”

He is already there, so that babe has him come up the stairs. They don’t expect until they need to the bedroom. Cora gets down on her knees and sucks his rod right there on the staircase. When she’s done giving him a head, they go down to the living room, where they screw on the bed, him engulfing her big funbags whilst he deep-drills her hirsute muff. Check it out: Cora’s teats are rock-hard. They’re pointing toward the ceiling!

“I’m addicted to pecker,” told Cora, who calls herself a cougar and thinks she’s going to be addicted to dick forever.

That babe came to the right place, but then afresh, Cora is well aware of what she is good at. For example, there is her daytime job.

“I teach sexuality,” that babe told. “I assist people overcome hang-ups, erectile issues, premature jism flow. I feel blessed to look at them transform before my eyes. I adore my job. It involves raunchy energy, meditation, yoga and using body, mind and spirit jointly. It is ancient; this knowledge is over Twenty,000 years old. It is smth that we all know. It’s not adore learning. It’s adore remembering and doing what feels right and what feels natural. When you receive it, you’re adore, oh, that’s not learning. That is just remembering what I know inside.”

We’ve gotten to know Cora inside and out ever since that babe came to for her first-ever hardcore scenes. This is her 3rd. Is it her superlatively fine? You tell us.

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This time, Cora gets a big, black cock!

This time, Cora receives a bigger than typical, dark cock!

This time, Cora receives a larger than average, dark pecker!

“I kept thinking that my sex drive was plan to take a little dip, but I’m nutty hornier than I’ve ever been,” 46-year-old Cora Comfort said. “I’m captivated on this idea of having a a team fuck. I think honey bunnys are just infinite with their sexuality. Some chicks have a dip at menopause, but that will not happen for me until my late ’60s. That’s when it happens for all the babes in my family. So I guess I’ll just be in heat till then.”

Cora, who was born in Detroit and lives in Las Vegas, is definitely in heat in this fuckathon. She’s dressed in a sheer costume that exposes off her hot body, and her spouse is Seyvan, who has a larger than standard, dark schlong with which to fuck her. That guy shags her mouth–meaning she gets her head back and he uses her mouth love it’s a pussy–and then that ladies man screws her succulent, nicely bushy love tunnel. When that lady-killer can not hold back any longer, he cums in her throat and it drops down her chin and onto her large tits.

40SOMETHING: How did you come to identify us?
CORA: I belong to this swinging couples website and some random person was talking to me and was love, u receive to go talk to someone at this company ‘coz you’re a shoo-in. At the time you wanted the submission pix a certain way and I had so much going on. I was adore, I have no idea if I can make time for this.

40SOMETHING: Would people be surprised to watch you here?
CORA: Yeah, I suppose a lot of people were blown away when I said them. I kind of bragged about it coz I’m at that point in my life where there’s no shame in my game. That is the yummiest. When u have that virginal curiosity to explore and your mind isn’t jaded by turning bad or getting hurt. You are love a child who hasn’t been hurt by the world yet. There is wonderment and excitement. That’s unfolding for me the old I get. It is working in reverse.

40SOMETHING: How often do you’ve sex?
CORA: As often as I can. I don’t know. There’s no prescription or formula for it. Sometimes it happens more regularly. Sometimes it doesn’t. You kind of need to listen to your circumstances and be aware of what you can acquire.

Cora can receive anything that babe urges. This babe is proven that here at

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Fuck video games! Fuck Cora’s ass instead!

Screw video games! Screw Cora’s ass instead!

Fuck movie scene games! Fuck Cora's booty instead!

When this scene opens, Conor is playing movie scene games in his ultimate friend’s bedroom. Cora, who’s 46 years old, walks in, looking for her son. Conor doesn’t take his eyes off the game. Meanwhile, there’s a hot HORNY HOUSEWIFE in a short petticoat and cleavage everywhere sat next to him. Lady-killer, wake up!

That babe strokes his hair. This chab still doesn’t take his eyes off the game. Stud!

Then this babe strokes his body and comments on it.

“What are you doing?” he says. “You’re Isaiah’s Mother.”

“Yeah, and your Mother and I are paramount friends, likewise,” she says.

This babe wishes to play a different kind of game. This man offers multi-player.

Dude! Wake up!

This babe takes off her dress, and this dude lastly plays with her wobblers. Then that babe receives on all fours so this petticoat chaser can finger her asshole. She sucks his pecker. He screws her hirsute twat. And then this petticoat chaser fucks her taut rectal hole. Talk about multi-player! There are a lot of pleasure games u can play with Cora.

That ladies man cums on her a-hole. Cora’s son still hasn’t come home, but everybody’s happy.

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Big, black cock for a voluptuous MILF

Bigger in size than typical, darksome penis for a voluptuous Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK

Big, dark meat-thermometer for a voluptuous MILF

When we asked Kailani Kai, a 46-year-old divorcee and Mother from Hawaii, what sexually satisfies her finest, she said, “A bigger than average one! Darksome, likewise!”

This day at, Kailani acquires a larger than average, darksome one. That babe sucks and bonks a big, darksome penis for the first time on-camera. Actually, everything she’s doing for us is her 1st time on-camera.

Kailani receives rogered doggy style, her favorite position, whilst her big love bubbles hang. That babe too has a large arse, so lucky Jack Blaque has a lot of cushion for the push-in. This female is brawny for sex, and this babe obviously enjoys it.

The thing is, though, that as adult models go, Kailani is tame.

She is not a swinger. She is not a nudist. She’s not into hotties. The wildest thing she’s ever done is have sex in a clip theater. That is, it is the wildest thing she’d ever done until she came to our studio. Now this and Thursday’s movie are the wildest things she’s ever done.

We asked Kailani how that babe found us, and she told, “I was searching the Web and came across an ad and thought, ‘That might be enjoyment to do.'”

Turns out that babe was right.

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The whole shaft and nothing but the shaft

The whole shaft and nothing but the shaft

The entire shaft and no thing but the shaft

When this scene opens, 47-year-old Victoria Lobov walks into a room wearing a halter top that her colossal bosoms are pouring without and a tight suit. Woman chaser, this hawt wife looks taut and right, and Bambino can not believe his eyes. Within seconds, that ladies man is got his hands all over her, and then he’s feeding her his ramrod. In our opinion, Victoria’s on-camera oral job skills get better with every scene. This is her 3rd.

Cuz he is a boob lady-killer, Bambino bonks Victoria’s knockers and cums all over ’em. Coz she is a female who can’t live out of shlong, Victoria doesn’t solely grind her pussy on Bambino’s hardon when she’s riding him reverse-cowgirl. This babe bounces up and down so this babe receives every inch of his wang, from cock-head to just-above-the-balls.

We’re really glad we identified her.

40SOMETHING: What made u make a decision to shoot with us?
VICTORIA: It is a turn on for my boyfriend and me. I like the idea of fellows admiring me and getting turned on by seeing me.

40SOMETHING: Would you say you’re a nudist or no?
VICTORIA: Oh, totally. I can not imagine tanning with a top. You receive to find a bathing suit that fits you and it always pops off. My mammaries just fall with out it. It is just easier to be bare.

40SOMETHING: Do u have any erotic fantasies that you’d adore to fulfill?
VICTORIA: Yes. I would adore to try a threesome with some other large-fake-boobed goddess. I likewise fantasize about soft BDSM with me in charge.

40SOMETHING: Do you masturbate?
VICTORIA: Yes. I love playing with my pierced love button. I pull the piercing and stick a finger in my bawdy cleft. Once it’s all soaked, I switch to the use of a marital-device and go deep in and out until it makes me cum.

40SOMETHING: Very nice! What do you like the almost any when it comes to sex?
VICTORIA: I love it when my stud is forceful but not rough. The highlight is when he discharges his cum deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful cream fountain makes me shriek and cum. I’m passive, so I like when a lad takes the lead and makes my head spin.

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Chanel Grey

Chanel Grey Chanel Grey
Chanel Grey @
Barley-legal, blond, and a total sweetheart, Chanel Grey can’t live without to hike. She can’t live out of the wilderness. And receive this…it makes her slutty. So much so, she’s found her "spot" on a secluded trail, where Chanel gets in nature’s garb and masturbates out of a care in the world! Even if it means getting caught by other hikers! Of course this is why Chanel brought her 2 "fuck buddies" on the trail, and of course her "jerk off spot" is now her "blowjob spot" and yeap, she doesn’t care if they’re caught! Chanel’s fuck buddies, on the other hand, aren’t as assured, so they’ll expect til they acquire back to Chanel’s before laying the pipe down! And lay the pipe they do! Her new, barely-legal fur pie is just starting to stretch sufficient to accommodate their monumental jocks, and she is already starting to squirt! Speaking of ejaculation, Chanel’s 2 fuck buddies hose her captivating blonde face down with two monumental pop shots! Chanel Grey is, really, exactly what she calls herself — a cumwhore!
Chanel Grey Chanel Grey
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