Classy with a hint of filth

Classy with a hint of filth

Classy with a hint of filth

“When I’m horny and wild, I take over,” said Katarina, aka Kinky Katarina, a 58-year-old divorcee from Manchester, England. Today, as a prelude to her upcoming fuck scene, Katarina is wearing red PVC lingerie and boots. Katarina wants to fuck, and since there’s no dick to be found (at least not yet), she fucks her pussy with a dildo. Katarina obviously enjoys showing off her pussy, which is very pink and has nice lips for you to pull on.

Katarina’s hobbies: “I like to dance.”

How she dresses when she’s going out in public: “Classy with a hint of filth.”

Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here? “Yes!” Now there’s a surprise.

What sexually satisfies her best: “Hardcore fucking.”

That’s coming next.

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Tag-Teaming Lily’s Ass

Tag-Teaming Lily’s Ass

Tag-Teaming Lily's Ass

Lily Canary, a 41-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic, goes for a massage, and she’s wearing a sexy bra and panties. This is her first time at this spa (although we’re betting it won’t be her last), and the masseur has her take off her robe. Then he has her take off her bra. Hey, what kind of massage parlor is this?

The masseur rubs oil onto Lily’s big tits, and she’s getting more and more turned on when another guy shows up. Turns out he’s the specialist. His specialty seems to be fucking MILFs in the ass.

“Next level,” the masseur explains. Next level involves Lily sucking one cock while the other is in her pussy or asshole. She also sucks balls while getting ass-fucked. And, for a happy ending, the guys shoot their loads on Lily’s tits and pussy. And that’s Lily’s idea of stress relief.

Even though Lily, who loves anal sex, is getting fucked by two guys in this scene, she says her fantasy is to have sex with a woman. “Women are romantic and sensual, and I like that. I also like to be licked. It’s what gives me the most pleasure. I think a woman would be good at oral, and I would also like to try licking a woman. I think we would both have very good orgasms together.”

We’re sure they would, and if cock-sucking ability is any indication of a woman’s ability to eat pussy, Lily would be very good at it.

Lily lives in Brno, Czech Republic. She likes romantic dates and gentlemen. She also said, “My ass is very tight. Men always tell me it feels like a virgin ass, but it’s not.”

An experienced asshole that’s as tight as a virgin’s…what could be better than that?

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Mrs. North is a hottie

Mrs. North is a hottie

Mrs. North is a hottie

Barely dressed in sheer bra and panties that barely cover her goodies, stockings and sky-high heels, Julia North, a 41-year-old wife and mom is back to show off her smokin’ body, tug on her super-sensitive nips, finger her pussy as deep as she can and then use a toy on it. See how pink Mrs. North’s pussy is!

Julia is from Ukraine, so the language barrier kept us from finding out too much about her…other than the fact that she has nice tits, a very fuckable pussy and long, shapely legs. She did tell us that she enjoys swimming and dancing. She wears “string panties,” and the ones she’s wearing here, which are hers, are a perfect example of that. She dresses sexily when she goes out, likes romantic dates and, get this, is a doctor!

What else can we tell you about her? Well, on Thursday, she’s going to fuck her daughter’s boyfriend.

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Presley, 60, fucks her teenage step-son

Presley, 60, fucks her teenage step-son

Presley, 60, fucks her teenage step-son

A hot, sexy, horny 60-year-old woman like Presley St. Claire doesn’t come to because she wants any old cock. She can get that in her neighborhood bar. Pick up one of the horny oldies and see if he can get his dick up.

Nope. She comes here because she wants hard, young cock, and that’s what Presley gets today…from her step-son.

You see, she thinks she’s all alone. She’s in bed, fingering her pussy, getting herself off and really enjoying herself.

At the same time, Elias, who’s only 19 years old, comes home and hears a lot of moaning coming from the bedroom. And when he peeks around the corner, he sees his old step-mom masturbating.

That’s not the kind of thing a teenage boy sees every day. And when he gets caught, Presley’s mad that her step-son is peeping on her, right? Wrong! She tells him to get his cock out, and before long, step-mom and step-son are doing things most step-moms and step-sons don’t do together.

Presley on masturbation: “I enjoy rubbing my pussy with my fingers and dildos that don’t vibrate.”

Her fetish: “Lots of kissing.” Kissing’s a fetish? Okay.

Kinkiest sexual encounters: “I’ve had many kinky encounters at the swingers clubs and in elevators.”

Going up!

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What Julia’s daughter doesn’t know won’t hurt her

What Julia’s daughter doesn’t know won’t hurt her

What Julia's daughter doesn't know won't hurt her

Dressed in a tight top and short skirt, 41-year-old wife and mom Julia North is surprised when she walks into her daughter’s bedroom and sees a guy lying on the bed. Who is this guy and what’s he doing in her kid’s bedroom?

“I’m your daughter’s boyfriend,” he says. “She said I could wait here.”

Julia’s never met him. Actually, the guy seems to be a little old to be her daughter’s boyfriend, but you know how some guys are, always thinking young pussy is the best pussy, not realizing that mature pussy trumps all.

“What are you doing here?” Julia asks.

“Just waiting for your daughter,” he says, like the cat who’s about to eat the canary.

“You’re fucking my daughter?” she says.

He doesn’t want to answer.

“She’s 18, so…”

“Maybe her mother?” she says. “Show me, please, what you have.”

What he has? He has a hard-on, of course, and it’s about to be sucked and fucked like no 18-year-old can. For example, she’s going to feast on his balls. She’s going to show him positions he never knew existed. And then he’s going to cum on her tits.

As for Julia’s daughter, what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. Until her boyfriend breaks up with her, of course.

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Aria Carson

Aria Carson Aria Carson
Aria Carson @
Brad is sitting in his room on his phone when his new girlfriend Aria has to remind him that its their one month anniversary. Aria gets upset because brad forgot and didnt think a one month anniversary was a thing. Seeing that his new girlfriend was upset about him forgetting their one month anniversary, Brad tries to make it right with her asking what does she want for their anniversary? Aria says that she wants to fucks his roommate Jax! Brad being afraid of upsetting Aria because the sex is so good, reluctantly goes to the other room to ask Jax to please bang his girlfriend for their anniversary. Jax tells brad its his day off and that he really doesnt want to. Brad frustrated on the idea of losing his girlfriend he offers Jax $400 to bang his girl. Jax reminds Brad that $400 is not his rate for fucking on his off day. Brad then gets frustrated and tells Jax no deal. Brad goes back to Aria and tells her that Jax isnt in the mood for sex right now. Aria throws a huge fit and tells Brad if Jax doesnt fuck her now she will break up with him right now! Brad being a little frustrated with the situation goes back to Jax and asks him to please fuck his girl because he doesn’t want to lose her. Jax stays firm on getting paid for it. So brad gives him $400 cash and Zelles him the rest. Brad then goes and tells Aria that Jax will fuck her now. Aria walks into to the room and sees Jax holding his hard cock in his hand. Jax then yells out happy anniversary! Aria thanks Brad for her Jax and proceeds to suck Jaxs massive cock as Brad watches. Jax then proceeds to fuck the shit out of Aria in front of his roommate Brad, making her orgasm in every position imaginable. Jax then busts a nut all over Arias face giving her the best anniversary gift ever!
Aria Carson Aria Carson

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She’s Gotta Go!

She’s Gotta Go!

She's Gotta Go!

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! Young Emma here told us that she had to pee, so we snuck after her and snapped some pics and vid. Emma’s the kind of girl who will do anything once, and that includes porn. “I’m super-nervous but excited at the same time,” she told us. “I’ve only been with my high school boyfriend and one other guy. Both of them were skinny white guys, so I’m excited to fuck a stud!”

When Carlos our professional cocksman dropped his pants and whipped out his cock, Emma’s jaw dropped. We could tell she was impressed, so we asked her about her experience with cock sizes. “Carlos’ is the biggest by far. I don’t want to be mean, but my ex-boyfriend’s dick is…I’m not actually sure. I’m terrible at judging the size of things. I think it’s, like, the length of my iPhone 5. Yeah, that’s it.” For the record, guys, an iPhone 5 is just shy of five inches. That means that Carlos’ man-meat was going into practically virgin territory. Still, Emma handled sucking that big cock like a fucking champ. She’s a fast learner.

“I’m normally a fan of doggie-style or missionary, but I really enjoyed riding on top today. It felt incredible and I thought I did really well. I’m usually scared of having my boyfriend slip out of me, but this time I knew that wouldn’t happen. I could feel every inch of my pussy being filled. This might sound really weird to a lot of people, but it reminded me a lot of riding horses, which I love doing. I actually orgasmed while riding a horse once. That can happen if you’re a girl and you’re in the saddle long enough!”

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Mya and her vibe

Mya and her vibe

Mya and her vibe

Now a year older than the last time we saw her, having celebrated her 55th birthday, wife, mother and granny Mya Evans from Ukraine is back to show off her tight, sexy body and pleasure herself with a toy. Mrs. Evans is a very sensual woman, and we’re very happy that her hubby doesn’t mind sharing his wife’s body with the world. He’s a lucky man.

Mya now lives in the Czech Republic, which is obviously a good thing. She enjoys swimming and traveling and usually goes out wearing short shorts and minis, which are always sexy articles of clothing and even sexier when they’re being worn by a confident, mature woman.

“A man attracts me with noble deeds and a respectful attitude towards a woman,” Mya said.

In other words, pulling out your cock and asking her to suck it is not the way to Mya’s heart or pussy.

Mya has dabbled in swinging.

Her friends know she’s here, doing this.

Sexual fantasies? “I fantasize when I start having sex, not in advance.”

Mya will fuck again this Thursday. “Fuck”…is that respectful?

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Look at the way that sexy short red evening gown clings to Alissia’s curves. This horny mommy can’t wait to peel off her dress and thong so she can open her thighs and put on a blatant display that shows off her plump breasts and cream filled bare twat just for you.