1950s Sitcom Mom Goes Hardcore!

Here’s Danielle Reage, who looks like this babe just walked off the set of TV’s Avid Males or one of these darksome ‘n’ white family TV brandishes from the 1950s. Now, they don’t brandish it on Barmy Chaps, but there’s tons of screwing going on in that show, so it’s not impossible to imagine Danielle as an office hotty from that era, keeping her boss’s spirits up during an extended lunch/cocktail 60 minutes.

“Not at all,” Danielle said. “I think I’d make my boss very glad.”

Danielle is 49 and from Central Florida. She is a divorcee (twice over, in fact), and this babe works in marketing, not as a secretary but as one of the brains. That babe says doing this is “the last thing almost any people would await me to do. I guess you could say I’m a very conservative dresser, but I think the way hotties clothed in the 1950s and early ’60s was very sexy. Taut skirts, taut tops and sweaters, bullet bras, nylons and garters. It’s all very raunchy, and it makes me feel hawt.”

Danielle‘s smack in garments might be old-fashioned, but her taste in under-apparel is definitely very current.

“You’re talking about my cum-hole jewelry?” she said. “I like it. Fellows adore it, likewise, and they’re always surprised when they watch it for the first time.”

Relish Danielle. She’ll drive you potty, guys!

1950s Sitcom Mother Goes Hardcore!