Magazine January 2007 – 60 images of Christine

Brit blonde Christine turned the tragedy of her second husband’s death into a triumph. Using the insurance money this chab left her, this babe opened her own business, turning herself into an independent domina overnight.
That was just the beginning of her liberation. “For the first time in my life, I had my own specie, I was my own boss,” that babe displays. “I loved the feelings of freedom and power that gave me. I also realized the power I had as a woman-power over bucks! Certainly, many came calling when they learned of my windfall and the success of my tea shop. They thought they could receive one over on me. Ha! Little did they know, I was intent on using them-not for specie or security, but for sex!”

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Naughty Neighbors January 2007 – Hayley & Rikke

When MICHEAL (24) and Rikke (23)–the beauty with the ponytail–decided to pose for the NN cameras in our London studio, they asked Rikki’s friend Hayley (Twenty) if she’d like to join ’em. “Well, it is not the first time we have had a threesome,” told Rikki. “We were at a party in Hayley’s flat a hardly any months agone and that babe and I got real chummy. We ended up in her daybed after the party, and that is where ROBERT found us. This charmer observed us twat-licking for a during the time that, then undressed off and joined us and bonked one as well as the other of us. We sexed it up untill dawn.

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Mom team-fucked and creampied to the fullest

Old Mama with sexy pink areolas getting her each gap polished by four powerful youthful schlongs
Mom gang drilled and creampied to the fullest
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Little Coco rides the big darksome baloney pony

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Naughty Neighbors January 2007 – Pam

“I was raised on a farm, so I like to acquire with out the town when I can, seeing as how I am stuck inside with my job. My fiance, FRANCISCO, doesn’t mind our country excursions cuz this chab knows that it is glamorous much of a sure thing that he’ll acquire some nookie in the sunshine when we prevent to picnic. I do not like twigs or rocks sticking in my back through the blanket, so we screw doggie-style or with me on top. We have been disturbed a slight in number times, but that just adds to the thrill of rogering outside.”

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Naughty Neighbors January 2007 – Vickie

“With my big 3-0 birthday coming up, I was feeling old and not hot any larger quantity,” said Vickie. “My hubby said me that I was sexy enough to be in NN, which he buys now and again (What else could this chab say?), but I told him this chab was talking rubbish. So this charmer challenged me to pose for some photos that we could send in. It took me a dunky in number days to consider it, but the next Saturday was such a sweet day that I decided to do it…and out side, also. I was a nervous wreck till I heard I’d been accepted for the mag.”

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40 And Fucked Video – Suzy

Super-popular old nympho Suzy Sebastian is one the majority jacked-to adult models in 40Something mag. But her print pictorials can’t hold a rock hard schlong compared to her ravenous raunchy performances on tape!

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XXX Hardcore – Georgina

FYI, these pix were discharged lengthy previous to KEITH Timberlake got the idea to put his junk in a box for a female friend. We solely hope that gent got results as priceless as this delivery ladies man, who endevoured the trick on hawt secretary Georgina!

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Naughty Neighbors January 2007 – Marta

“I think plenty of boyz would like me for a girlfriend,” told Marta. “Why? Well, I gave my hubby a subscription to NN for his 20th birthday. How’s that for a kick off? And I by no means say no to sex: I’m always ready for it. Then, I’m into anal job, and being tied up and spanked and tickled and having sex in public places and flashing my marangos when I’m dared to. Is that sufficient? Oh, and I really wanted to pose, also.”

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