Soccer Slut

Soccer Wench

Soccer Slut

Hey, Tracey. We see you play soccer. Are you a tomboy?
“Kind of. I am a tomboy but not a lezzie. I just really like to play sports, and I do not care much about
make-up and stuff like that. I’m beautiful much low maintenance. As you can watch, I do not even bother to
shave my bush ‘cuz it’s just likewise much to keep up with.”

We’re seeing more bushes around here.
“Really? I’m the solely one on my soccer team that has one. I know because the boys I’ve fucked at school have all said me that all the other gals are shaven. They seem to like my bush though!”

Do u solely shag boyz who you go to school with?
“No way! I mean, do not get me not right. I’ve screwed plenty of males that I go to school with! But I do not limitation myself to just my school. In fact, just the other day I had a joy encounter with a random boy. I was at a barbecue at a park with some allies, and I noticed a hawt lad a not many tables over. We started talking and we ended up rogering in
the playground once the sun started to go down. We did it on the slide and everything. That was the finest barbecue ever because I had one mountainous, bewitching sausage!”

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The Misty Luv Interview: Just the truth, no lies

The Misty Luv Interview: Just the truth, no lies

The Misty Luv Interview: Just the truth, no lies

Having banged for our still cameras, Misty Luv sits down for an interview with your editor. They initiate by talking about the obvious–that Misty looks a lot adore actress Jamie Lee Curtis–before moving on to how this babe ended up in our studio (we detected her; she was surprised that we wanted her) and her transformation from wife and Mama to swinger.

Born and raised in Michigan, Misty, who’s 54, has been married to the same lady-killer for Thirty five years. About five years ago, her bold hubby brought up the subject of swinging, and it’s been full speed ahead since then. Yet, this is the first time in a lengthy time–since she’s been married, in fact–that Misty has had sex without her husband being in the room.

“It’s different,” that babe said. “He’s my rock. This smooth operator is my trainer. I’m going to call him later and tell him all about it.”

A tiny in number things about Misty that aren’t touched upon in the interview: Her hobbies are shopping and boating. She likes football, hockey, baseball and NASCAR. She likes to costume to flaunt off her body.

“I usually dress gorgeous provocatively,” she said. “Short skirts, constricted jeans and a low-cut shirt. I like to be looked at.”

Lots of people are gonna be looking at Misty Luv at That babe could not be happier about it.

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Always sexed up!

Always sexed up!

Always sexed up!

Lives: San Pedro, California; Occupation: Fast food worker; Age: Eighteen; Born: October 12; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: On “to do” list; BJs: Spit; Diddle: Not quite every night.

“This is a fantasy come true,” Tracey said. “I’m always thinking about sex–either great sex from the night previous to or when I’m plan to get it afresh. I’m dating two boyz. One guy’s knob is long but kinda thin, and the other guy’s jock is shorter but obese. They’re one as well as the other so fine at eating me out and making me cum during sex that I can not work out which one I should end it with ’cause I do feel guilty, sorta.”

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After a bad fuck

After a bad copulate

After a bad bonk

Lives: Rego Park, New York; Occupation: Grocery store clerk; Age: 28; Born: April 1; Ht: 5’2″; Wt: 118 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Hawt cotton; Anal: Absolutely! BJs: Swallow if it tastes okay; Diddle: Not very often.

“I’m getting over a busted relationship,” told Carmen. “I cant go with out sex for long, so I am playing around and getting act if a guy acquires me sexy. Most of my dates are with regular customers. I make it clear that I just crave a priceless time. If that leads to banging, then we have a actually nice time, and if it doesn’t, there is no harm done. The final man I fucked took those fotos. This dude was way more good at photography than sex.”

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Sunday morning twat

Sunday morning bawdy cleft

Sunday morning love tunnel

Lives: Coventry, United Kingdom; Occupation: Customer service rep.; Age: 22; Born: April 1; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Hot lace; Anal: Not in my repertoire; BJs: Do not care for the smack; Diddle: I’m a champion diddler

“It was a luscious Sunday morning when my bloke popped in,” said Annabelle. “I hadn’t watched him the night in advance of. This buck was gonna a football game with his mates, but I was randy, so I started talking immodest. He picked up my digi camera and took a photo and that set me of. I kept going as lengthy as this chab kept shooting, and by the time I was starkers this chab was begging to bonk me. We went at it till late at night.”

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Jenna’s Ass: Worth the wait!

Jenna’s Ass: Worth the await!

Jenna's Ass: Worth the wait!

In her 3rd appearance at, Jenna Bouche, who’s Fourty four and happily married, proceeds to prove that patience is a virtue. Her 1st time here, she tugged a guy’s schlong and had him cum all over her mangos. Would Jenna take it further? She answered that question in the comments area of the web resource when this babe said, “I absolutely loved my 1st visit! Stay tuned as I’m back in Miami for more than just a hand job!”

How much more? Well, last time, Jenna sucked and rogered and let a charmer turn her cookie into a sex cream pie. And this time…anal! Yep, Jenna‘s taking it up the a-hole, and it was definitely worth waiting for.

“Definitely worth the await!” Jenna said after the stud banged her a-hole and came on her face. “I’m so cheerful u had me back!”

Jenna knows all about patience. That babe said us, “I was raised in a conservative, religious household and community, so I denied my urges until the age of Thirty five. I was so stifled for years that I couldn’t achieve an climax. But now I’m fulfilling all of my dreams.”

Getting ass-fucked on-camera was one of ’em.

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Play Misty For

Play Misty For

Play Misty For

And now, here’s Misty Luv, a 54-year-old wife and swinger from Michigan, doing what that babe came here to do: shag a lad this babe met about five minutes earlier. When this scene begins, Misty isn’t wearing much, which is great ‘cuz her body needs to be bare. The dude immediately takes note of her pierced wet crack, then rips her undergarment off and sucks her knockers. And then, Misty says, “Go down there and suck my love tunnel!”
What? Did Misty just say that? “Yeah, lick that twat!” this babe demands. Woah! We did not wait that from a first-timer! A wife. A Mama. The man fingers her love tunnel. Damn, Misty‘s twat is juicy! This babe receives down on her knees and sucks his shlong. Damn, Misty can go deep! But the real passion begins when the smooth operator sticks his pecker in Misty‘s bawdy cleft. From that point on, Misty is overcome with…lust? Horniness? Lustful sluttiness? Who knows. We just know that she obviously loves it. Her screams echo throughout the room. Misty jacks the load onto her cheeks. This babe looks into the camera. She has that just-fucked look on her face. “Oh, I like that cum on my face,” Misty says. “I like that sexy cum.” Stud’s happy. Misty‘s happy. We’re pleased.

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Angel Face

Goddess Face

Angel Face

Forgive us, Rilee. But we must ask. Are your billibongs real?
“It’s okay. I swear every cutie that I have hooked up with has asked me that, and most people who have watched me in a bathing costume have asked me that. But I swear I’m all natural! I was just blessed enough to have really excellent mammaries. I did not even realize they were anything specific until beauties in the lockerroom started gawking at me and asking me if they could touch them.”

Do people ever not make almost certainly of you when u tell ’em that your knockers are real?
“Yeah, some of them do not. But if they’re fortunate sufficient to touch my milk cans then they realize that they’re real. When
you squeeze ’em u can obviously tell they’re real. I mean, I know there are beauties out there who are as juvenile as me that acquire implants, but I am not the kind of gal to do that. I hardly even wear makeup, I am still a virgin and I
still have my braces. I’m a effortless goddess who just happens to have indeed round, perky bra-busters. I likewise acquire plenty of comments on my cunt. Gals have told me that it is pretty and tastes good.”

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Leilani’s big, black cock attack

Leilani’s bigger than typical, dark shlong attack

Leilani's large, dark weenie attack

Leilani Lei is 5’1″ and weighs approximately 108 pounds soaking moist. Asante Stone, her spouse in this scene, is 6’7″ and weighs 225 pounds. Can little Leilani take a pounding from a lad who’s more than twice her size? You bet she can! “I used to be extremely timid, and in my younger days, I never would have imagined that I’d be here, posing stripped, having sex on-camera,” this 47-year-old honey said. “It not at all would have crossed my mind. I’d have told, ‘No, not me. Not at all.'” By no means say at no time. What broke Leilani out of her shell? “I don’t know,” she told. “Time, age, experience with the world and doing different things and putting myself out there. It gives u confidence and it takes away that bashfulness. Leilani Lei is definitely not coy as this babe enjoys her first on-camera interracial pounding. The contrasts–little mistress, large dude, light skin, black skin–make this scene very gripping, but we need to say, Leilani‘s mere presence does that.

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