Oozing Cooter

Trickling Cooter

Oozing Cooter

Zoey, where do you have sex almost all of the time?

“Sometimes my boyfriend sneaks me into his room, or I’ll sneak him into mine. His Mother absolutely loathes me ‘cuz she caught us fucking in his room once, so that is why we’ve to sneak around.”

When you are in his room, do you must keep quiet?

“Yes, definitely. If I acquire also loud then his Mamma will hear and go insane. Sometimes it’s truly tough, ’cause he’ll be screwing me indeed unyielding with his testicles slapping my ass and everything, and all I wanna do is scream and groan. But I cant, so I’ll bite my lip or bury my face in a pillow. I cant wait till I move out so I can be as loud and mad as I crave.”

His Mamma by no means suspects that he sneaks you in?

“I do not think so. We’re careful. But this chab did tell me that she asked him why his sheets were dirty with white stuff! This babe probably thinks it is just his cum, but little does that babe know it is my cum, too!”

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What a randy girl she is!

What a excited gal she’s!

What a concupiscent hotty she is!

Lives: Cambridge, UK; Occupation: Waitress; Age: Nineteen; Born: March 11; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 129 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Belts; Anal: No, sorry; BJs: I deepthroat and drink; Diddle: Regularly.

“I absolutely like sex! I am always up for it. I would copulate each day–several times–if I could,” said Lucy. “I like trying new poses and fresh places to bonk, too. I love spur-of-the-moment quickies in the washroom at a pub or in the backseat of a car just as much as I adore all-night sessions when the bloke and I screw and rest then screw again. I can sometimes cum twice during sex. Apparently I groan and groan, bite or scratch, shake all over, turn red and my cum-hole gushes. I do not know ‘cuz I kinda space out.”

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The Layla Redd after-school special

The Layla Redd after-school peculiar

The Layla Redd after-school special

Meet Layla Redd, a former high school assistant principal. Layla used to spend her days keeping high school kids in check, and now here this babe is, taking off her hawt clothes for a men’s magazine for the first time. “I always liked the idea of getting into porn, so when I lost my job, I decided why not?” Layla said. “I’m 40, so I decided to make a biggest change in my life. When I was younger, I wanted to do this, but I was not brave sufficient to try it. U know, take the risk, and if somebody found out, I could not go back to having some regular, boring nine-to-five job. This is much more joy.” The truth is that during the time that Layla was trying to keep her students below control, this babe was trying, without much success, to keep her wild side under control. Story of her life. “The first time I had sex was on a football field with the captain of the rival team,” she said. “I’m a swinger. I love having sex with other males and having my hubby view. I suit conservatively ‘coz I had to in my job, so a lot of people would at not time guess at the real me. They’d never think I’d pose stripped and have sex on-camera.” Many people who know Layla might wonder whether her carpet matches her drapes, but until now, they couldn’t have known for sure. Many of ’em might have guessed that this babe has perfect B-cup milk cans, merry and firm, and here’s the corroboration. “A lot of people I know would probably be shocked if they saw this,” Layla told. “A lot more would pretend they were shocked ‘cuz they already think this isn’t smth I wouldn’t do. And some people would receive to be all morally indignant about it. That actually doesn’t matter to me. I’m having a great time. That’s all that counts.” Layla, who can be seen getting her former-high-school-assistant-principal-pussy creampied at 40SomethingMag.com, enjoys rock climbing and watching football. This babe likes males who are bigger than her, and since she’s 5’5″ and weighs solely 118 pounds, that rules out just about nobody. This babe fantasizes about having a three-some with her partner and a female her age and says she has sex “as often as possible. I adore having cum on me. I’d like to be the center of a circle jerk with dudes cumming all over me.” Sounds like Layla has discovered her true calling.

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A nekkid nerd

A nekkid nerd

A nekkid nerd

Lives: Boston, Massachusetts; Occupation: Shoe store clerk; Age: Twenty one; Born: December 17; Ht: 5’2″; Wt: 109 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: Cheekies; Anal: It’s on my “to do” list; BJs: I’m a spitter; Diddle: Perhaps one time a week.

“I used to think of myself as being kinda nerdy,” said Natalia. “My fresh ladies man sure doesn’t think so. All he urges to do when we’re together is bonk me. But I’m not complaining. That man has a wicked tongue that drives my like button to humongous orgasms and that guy lasts longer inside me than I ever thought a lad could. Now I can usually have two orgasms during sex in advance of this chab cums.”

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Kitchen cunt

Kitchen muff

Kitchen cunt

Lives: Basildon, United Kingdom; Occupation: Health foods store clerk; Age: 23; Born: July Twenty seven; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Cotton; Anal: Any time; BJs: Adore the salty smack; Diddle: A not many times a month.

“I’d been in a relationship with this bloke for about six weeks,” Sami said. “He wanted a pair of ‘nice’ pictures to put on his phone, but once this chab pointed his digi camera at me, I started stripping. He was startled but that woman chaser kept going. I saw him get a stiffie right away in his jeans. Yeah, I’m a tanalise; that’s why I decided to be on Naughtymag. What’s wonderful for my bloke to see and savour is valuable for all blokes to see.”

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Bush Baby with Anal Urges

Bush Baby with Anal Wishes

Bush Baby with Anal Urges

Lives: Epsom, United Kingdom; Occupation: Doctor’s office assistant; Age: 22; Born: March 7; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 127 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Lacy; Anal: Totally; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: A scarcely any times a month.

“I adore giving blow jobs and I always swallow and lick the bloke’s willy clean afterwards,” said Sofie. “After that, I wait to have my like button licked till I’ve my 1st orgasm. Then I’m ready to bonk. I do not have a prefered position, but if I have cum afresh, I’ll probably acquire us into doggie position and tell the bloke he can do my bum. Not all blokes wanna try it. I adore anal, especially when the bloke shoots his ram way up in me.”

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Stormy Lynne likes to be watched…so watch her!

Stormy Lynne loves to be observed…so view her!

Stormy Lynne loves to be observed...so view her!

Stormy Lynne, a DD-cup divorcee with big billibongs and powerful twat lips and a throat that looks wonderful when it is rammed with shlong, makes her 40SomethingMag.com first appearance. Stormy Lynne is Fourty five years old (born June 5, 1967), was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and now lives in Hollywood, California. She’s 5’6″, 115 pounds and measures a spectacular 34DD-24-33. You are going to like this female.

“Everybody I know would be shocked to watch me here,” Stormy Lynne told. “I come from an highly conservative background.”

Stormy Lynne isn’t a nudist, but although she came from a conservative background, she has fulfilled almost any of her sexual dreams.

“Bondage with two lads is the only dream I haven’t fulfilled,” that babe said. “I one time had sex on a Harley during a rally. Short shorts and men do wonders, and being in a crowd of people is a rush! I love to be viewed when I’m having sex. It’s a rush knowing someone gets off just by me being me in sofa.”

Stormy enjoys dirt biking, softball, hiking and climbing. This babe is into “bad-boy bikers,” sunset bike rides and walking on the beach. This babe is a Mama and a grandmother. And that babe looks great with tons of cum on her face. Check it out and you’ll see.

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The Afterglow

The Afterglow

The Afterglow

Your smile looks extra-wide today. What’s up with that, Lorna? Why are u so happy?

“I’m basking in the afterglow of really mind boggling sex. It happened final night and I can’t stop thinking about it. I got banged so admirable and I came so many times.”

What happened last night?

“This smooth operator and I were always just friends. Last night I was at his place and he kissed me. It got me so randy. Next thing I know I was riding him on the sofa cumming adore mad! I guess the sex was so valuable coz we were allies 1st and truly comfortable with each other.”

When u have sex do u always think about it the next day?

“If it was actually worthy, I do. And if it was the first time with a lad I am indeed into then I will definitely dwell on it. I replay every move in my mind over and over afresh.”

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Can’t fuck the step-daughter? Then fuck the step-mom!

Cant shag the step-daughter? Then screw the step-mom!

Can't fuck the step-daughter? Then bonk the step-mom!

Karen DeVille, a 52-year-old housewife from Delaware, leads Johnny into her living room. Karen is looking very sexy in a constricted, short petticoat and a lace top.

“Is Annie intend to be here pretty soon,” this chab asks Mrs. DeVille.

“Oh, no,” Karen says. “Annie’s not gonna be here for a little whilst, so maybe we can just hang out. How does that sound?”

That smooth operator says it sounds great, but then Karen takes the conversation in a direction Johnny not at all could have reckoned.

“Have u done it yet?” she asks.

“Done it?” this chab asks.

“With my step-daughter.”

“No,” Johnny says. “She’s very conservative.”

“But I am not,” Karen says. “I’m nasty. Have you banged somebody older love me? Perhaps in her Fiftys?”

He hasn’t, but he’s about to.

Warning to step-daughters: Beware of step-mothers like Karen.

Warning to boyfriends of step-daughters with hot mammas adore Karen: No warning necessary. Just have at it!

So, Karen sucks his 10-Pounder, and then Johnny copulates her bawdy cleft, and when this chab is willing to unload, he blasts Karen’s face with cum. And does she feel guilty about what this babe just did with her step-daughter’s hubby? At no time. And does Johnny feel guilty? No banging way!

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