Lianna Glass – Thanks to my FWB

Thank you to my FWB

Thanks to my FWB

Lives: Nottingham, Britain; Occupation: First-year student; Age: 19; Born: August 1; Ht: 5’9″; Wt: 145 lbs.; Bras: 36A; Panties: Always dark-skinned; Anal: It doesn’t appeal; BJs: Swallow some; Diddle: Gorgeous much each evening.

“I’m so busy studying and doing reports that I do not have time for a social life,” said Lianna. “But I do have a FWB who shares a flat in the building I live in, so I can receive a worthy shagging every so often. We get jointly for a pair of hours or so and that usually means 3 good screws and some fooling around, which gives me four or five orgasms. I love to be dominated during sex; be told what to do and which way I’m going to be fucked. All ways feel great, but I like doggie style the best–with a finger in my bum. I’m loud and jerky when I cum, and my paramour claims that I squirt a bit.

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Niki – A Tiny (but big-titted) Fuck Toy Named Niki

A Dunky (but humongous titted) Screw Toy Named Niki

A Small (but mammoth breasted) Fuck Toy Named Niki

“I’m very aggressive sexually. I am not afraid to go after what I want,” said 47-year-old Niki, who has twice gotten what she wanted–a inflexible wang, of course–at But this day, we’ve this blond, hard-bodied divorcee all to ourselves.

“I met a lad at a party who picked me up and turned me upside-down whilst I gave him head,” told Niki, who was born in Texas and now lives in Florida. “He ate my snatch. It was great.”

Niki has bigger than typical, fake DD-cup funbags that practically scream, “Look at me! I am a shag toy!” Many guys like chicks with natural racks, but when a lady goes without her way to get a big couple, she’s signalling to the world that she likes to bonk.

“My milk shakes attract a lot of attention,” Niki told. “If people view me having sex and find me sexy, that is sexy.”

Watching Niki widen her a-hole and pink pussy is hawt. That babe can’t live without showing off what that babe is got.

“If you are jacking your cock right now, that makes me feel wonderful,” this babe said.

Niki, u make us feel worthy. And, yep, we are jacking our dicks right now. How could we resist?

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Patritcy – Tiny Lips

Slight Lips

Tiny Lips

Howdy, Patritcy. What made u urge to pose for us?
“It appears to be like joy! I always wanted to be a model. I started off doing regular modeling for my photographer allies, and I started to feel so comfortable that I wanted to try adult modeling. It makes me feel sexy, and I like knowing that chaps are admiring my body. I might as well expose off what I have got whilst I am still juvenile and tight!”

We’ve noticed that u have highly dunky pink flaps, Patritcy.
“Yes, I do. They are adore, really, truly miniature! I at not time thought anything of it until I started hooking up with dudes, and they started commenting on it. They would tell me that my bawdy cleft was so glamorous and little. I got curious so I looked up porn videos online to see other girls’ cookies, and I was surprised at how much diversity there was! I suppose I not at any time truly thought about it. Really powerful snatch lips look interesting. They look love they would be pleasure to play with and suck. Maybe one day I can try it!”

You have had sex with lads, right? And what about sex with beauties?
“I’ve had sex with several guys. I haven’t hooked up with a girl yet, but I’m definitely open to trying it. I’ve fantasies all the time of eating cuties out. It need to be my brain telling me smth! So I suppose I might be bi, but I like lads the almost any. When I am my horniest I am thinking about a lad banging
me truly valuable and making me cum so rock hard that my legs shake.”

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Tessa – Right Out Of Bed

Right Without Bed

Right With out Bed

Lives: Gilbert, Arizona; Occupation: Scholar; Age: Eighteen; Born: November Twenty nine; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 104 lbs.; Bras: 34A; Panties: Adore lace; Anal: Endevoured it twice; it hurt; BJs: Spitter; Diddle: Greater than typical toy collection.
“I love to costume up when I am going on a date, but how I am in the photos is kinda how you’ll usually discover me,” told Tess. “The petticoat chaser I’m spending time with these days wanted me to acquire glammed up for the pics, but we’d just gotten without daybed after a quickie between classes, and I was not about to do that. In any case, stylish raiment are not what the lads wish to watch, are they? I adore sitting on a ladies man when we’re rogering; that is how I’ve my one orgasm. But all ways do a lot for me, especially doggie style which feels adore I am being nasty and whorish. I wanna acquire more into wazoo sex so I can have a three-some with 2 guys: I’ve had a couple of ’em with another gal and a boy. Pussy is great, but wang is more worthwhile.”

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Dee Delmar – The Boss Loves Big, Black Cock

The Boss Loves Larger than typical, Dark-skinned Pecker

The Boss Loves Bigger than run of the mill, Dark Cock

Dee Delmar, a 48-year-old redhead from Florida, has called Jason to her office. She’s wearing a hot, pink, sheer top, not the kind of garment u wait to identify a boss wearing. But most bosses are not adore Dee.

“I wanted to talk to u about this little buzz that is been going around the office,” Dee says.

“I actually have no idea what you are talking about,” Jason says.

To which Dee replies, “It really has to do with the size of your rod.”


Jason coughs. This woman chaser not quite chokes. This fellow doesn’t know what to say. What this smooth operator says is, “I actually don’t know where these rumors got started.”

“I can’t brandish my sources,” Dee says. “I just heard that you’ve a really monumental cock.”

Oh, yep, Dee? And what are you intend to do about it?

“I’m not really seducing u,” Dee says. “I’m just trying to inspect the facts.”

Her fact-finding mission starts at his crotch.

“Oh, it is true,” Dee says when she pulls his 10-Pounder out.

Jason is worried that he’s intend to get fired. But he’s not. Not as long as he has a large, dark shlong. Which this woman chaser does. Not as lengthy as he lets Dee suck it. Which this chab does. Not as long as he fucks Dee’s 48-year-old snatch. Which that chap does.

“Wow!” Dee says. “That is king-size! I don’t even think my mouth will fit around it.”

But it does. Her pussy fits around it, likewise, especially when Jason bonks it on top of and over the desk.

He cums on her face.

Now that is our idea of a holiday stiffy!

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Bailey Rossi – Spellbinding Slit

Spellbinding Cookie

Spellbinding Slit

Bailey is just a typical teen angel.
This babe is a former cheerleader and gymnast who can’t live with out shopping, tanning and working out. That babe just enrolled in high-school and is majoring in
Communications. And if you’d like to receive her in her favorite position (cowgirl), take her to a drive-in clip theater. It makes her lustful!

So what’s up with the costume, Bailey?
“It’s Halloween, and I went to school dressed as a witch! I got a lot of compliments on my suit, but the finest compliment I got was on my briefs. I flashed ’em to that charmer that I’ve a crush on, and that skirt chaser said this ladies man liked ’em.”

Do u think u 2 are going to group sex?
“I actually hope so! I finger my snatch all the time thinking about him. I am dying to screw him! This day when I flashed him I wanted to pull my straps to the side and reveal him my vagina so bad, but I held back. You don’t wanna give away too much also in a short time. I hope I don’t must await much longer to bonk though!”

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Ashleigh – Another helping of my pubes for you

Another helping of my pubes for you

Another helping of my pubes for you

Lives: London, United Realm; Occupation: Secretary; Age: 28; Born: September 4; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 135 lbs.; Bras: 36C; Panties: Merely darksome lace; Anal: Enjoy it more each time; BJs: Gulp; Diddle: Not very often.

“If I’m indeed lewd, I’ll have a quickie almost anywhere with my bloke, even if there’s a possibility that me might acquire caught,” told Ashleigh. “But I’d rather be in a large, comfy couch with tons of time to spend and no thing to disturb us so we can cuddle and take up with the tongue and suck and cum and screw untill we’ve had enough. I adore sat on my bloke’s cock so this chab can play with my mambos during the time that I set the pace, but having him on top of me and deep-shagging me gets me off foremost. I adore getting it any way from the back, also, so I can tell him to fetch out and shag my bum if I’m in the mood. This chab likes to cum that way.” Find out the movie, also.

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Nicki Benz – A Horny Student

A Amorous Pupil

A Lascivious Student

Lives: The Bronx, Recent York; Occupation: Student; Age: 22; Born: December 2; Ht: 5’2″; Wt: 115 lbs.; Bras: 34A; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: Why not? BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: For sure.

“I hope you love my tan lines,” told Nicki. “I get out in the sun every chance. If I am not sunning myself between classes, I’m at my guy’s apartment which is, like, a block away. We often meet there to fool around. I like quickies as much as slow sex. I’m already damp and willing to go when I acquire to his place, so we don’t need to spend time on foreplay; we acquire right into screwing. I love to ride his schlong so that chap can play with my pointer sisters. That is how I acquire off. And I adore to have him on top of me–he’s, like, six-foot-two–so this dude can group sex me rock hard and unfathomable. Doggie style’s great too, especially when we go on to anal. I sometimes cum that way, too.”

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Ava Sparxxx – Halloween Hoochies

Halloween Hoochies

Halloween Hoochies

It is a tradition to eat lots of candy and sweets for Halloween.
But for Ava (the redhead) and Healther (the brunette hair), the real treat is when they have to eat every other! They go out to unveil off their costumes and make studs subrigid by flirting and showing skin. Then they come home and eat every other’s cookies. No lads needed for a worthy time! Now, that doesn’t mean they don’t ever play with schlongs (they do, and they like it), it just means that tonight is a clam jam with clitoris flickin’ and arsehole lickin’!

Eating teen pussy is more excellent than candy!
“Sometimes I just receive the urge to eat snatch,” Ava told us. “I start thinking of my head being betwixt a girl’s legs and lapping up her love tunnel, and I actually initiate to desire it. I love it when I commence tongueing it and her cunt is more or less dry. Then when this babe begins to acquire into it and maybe cums her juice begins to leak out. It has its own specific flavor that tastes valuable. I like sticking my tongue deep inside!”

Heather, do u like Ava’s muff?
“Duh! It’s actually priceless, and that babe tastes like a fantasy. I likewise adore that the drapes match the carpet. She used to shave her pubes, but I said her to grow them back out. I like seeing the contrast of her red bush and my dark-skinned pubes when we’re bumping and grinding our clits jointly.”

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