Jenni Rhodes – Last Hurrah

Final Hurrah

Last Hurrah

Things have changed since we final saw Jenni screwing her partner, T. For starters, she’s single now. “I do not have any rock hard feelings towards him. In fact, we’re still actually admirable friends. We just did not have anything in common except that we loved rogering the living shit out of every other. That charmer truly took these shots, likewise. It was back when we were still jointly and we were plan to submit ’em as a couple. This is kind of adore a farewell gift to him–and to all your subscribers, too! I’ll miss his bigger than average dick, but now it’s on to (hopefully) bigger things!”

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Jayden Rae – Jayden’s New Hobby

Jayden’s Recent Hobby

Jayden's Recent Hobby

Lives: Fort Pierce, Florida; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: 20; Born: December 26; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 130 lbs.; Bras: 34C; Panties: In a set with a brassiere; Anal: Love it! BJs: Totally swallow; Diddle: Duh!

“I’ve always been hypersexual,” Jayden said us. “With fellows, angels or just by myself. It doesn’t matter to me. I read a news article the other day about how orgasms make you live longer, make your skin clearer and your mood happier. So I challenged myself to see if I could cum 60 times in 30 days. It’s definitely tricky trying to discover alone time in the midst of the day, but I’m doing indeed well. In fact, I’ve started finding excuses to receive with out the abode. You didn’t think I was making a birdhouse for pleasure, did u? Hell no! I was looking for a reason to finger myself in the garage!”

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Sofie Carter – Cheerleader Slut

Cheerleader Floozy

Cheerleader Slut

View Sofie’s hawt body! That babe got it from years of being a cheerleader.

“I was a cheerleader, on the dance team, did gymnastics and played volleyball. I have always been very active and it’s helped to keep me in nice shape.” No kidding! Not to mention, being a cheerleader also introduced her to some kinky sexual experiences.

“At cheer camp in the dorms at the University of Houston myself and two other captains played truth or dare. It got a little wild, and we ended up all nude, making out and feeling up on one another. That was my first carnal experience with girls. Now that I think of it, we probably just played truth or dare as an excuse to fool around with each other. But I do not need excuses anymore. Those days, if I am attracted to anybody I just go for ’em.”

Sofie is admirable at widening… and that is a priceless thing. Sofie’s muff and dark-skinned hole are completely bald. Her hole looks taut, pink and inviting and that little clitoris and her slim labia are oh, so suckable. It is like her snatch is right in your face, envisaging for your tongue to snake into her taut tunnel and smack the tangy goodness of her teenage juices.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve done?

“My spouse and I had sex in his van. I was on the seat and this chab was standing in the doorway banging me in front of a gas station during the time that a friend changed his baby oil. People even strided by! We tried to hide it, but they probably noticed. I liked that, and I desire to try more gripping things. Love, I have not at all been with two guys at one time and that is something I crave to experience. I have also wanted to try role-playing as the nasty babysitter. Old males are hawt, and the idea of fucking a boyfriend whilst his wife is away or sleeping after I’d teased him for months is such a turn-on.”

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Jewel – Submissive Slut

Obedient Slut

Submissive Slut

“I am very private about my carnal fantasies,” told 65-year-old Jewel. “Once a dream is able or disclosed, it’s no longer a fantasy.”

Fortunately, however, this wife, Mamma and grandmother has no hesitations about acting out her dreams in front of the digi camera. Here, Jewel is a obedient bitch in Tony’s dungeon of weenie. She is wearing a short, blue, Latex petticoat and nylons. Tony has a riding crop, and Jewel appears to relish having her twat slapped by it. She too enjoys having her snatch fingered. And engulfing on Tony’s fingers that just came without her cunt. And being fed weenie, orally and in her cookie.

“My mood at the time dictates whether I’m the aggressor or whether I most like the chap to take charge,” Jewel told. “Today, I enjoyed having Tony take charge.

Jewel has become of the most-popular grannies in the world. That babe not at all would have guessed it. She worked for the government for 13 years. She was an executive Personal Assistant, a banker and an office manager. Now, this babe is a pornstar!

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Dani Denver – She Can’t Give Up Cock

This babe Can’t Give Up Knob

She Can not Give Up Cock

Dani used to hook up with her hawt room mate all the time, but it got a little complicated. “I could’ve kept eating her out each evening, but this babe was getting a little clingy for me. This babe kept mentioning that that babe wanted to stop go out with boys and take me out on a date. I’m not a lesbo, so that was a no-go for me. I just actually adore eating luscious muff! Furthermore, I moved out and gave her the cold shoulder until latterly. I feel truly bad about it. I started courting this man and I wanted to give him a birthday three-way. I called her up and that babe was there in, like, 10 minutes! We one as well as the other gave him head, but she would not bonk him. Oh well, it was still lots of fun and he had a great time. I feel a little bit adore I used her, but I still gave her 2 orgasms that night, so she doesn’t truly have room to complain! I’ll send her a link to those fotos so this babe can acquire off to me once more.”

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Gina West – Step Right Up and Watch Gina West fuck

Step Right Up and View Gina West screw

Step Right Up and Watch Gina West fuck

Gina West, a female-dom with an atypical past and probably an atypical future, also, makes her initial appearance by engulfing and fucking Jeremy and taking his man-juice all over her face. Gina is Fourty four years old, was born in Dearborn, Michigan and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

As for that interesting past…

“I traveled doing magic reveals around the world,” that babe told. “I was in Cirque du Soleil, too.”

For her latest magic trick, Gina makes Jeremy’s rod vanish inside her love tunnel.

As for the future…

“I wanna do a circus action on a trapeze,” this babe said.

We think this babe should shag on a trapeze. Is that even possible? Probably.

“I was a gymnast and played football,” Gina said. “I do ballroom stripping.”

She does guys, also.

“What sexually satisfies me superlatively worthwhile? When a charmer cums. I squirt and I like it down my throat.”

Step right up, gentlemen, and witness the sexy Gina West.

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Desiree Dalton – First The Fashion Show, Then The Three-way

1st The Fashion Display, Then The Three-way

First The Fashion Reveal, Then The Three-way

When this scene widens, 45-year-old Desiree Dalton has two lads groping her.

“There’s something I gotta expose u,” Desiree tells ’em.

Unveil them? They’re already feeling anything. Juan has his hands on her pantoons and Tony has his hands on her cunt.

“I went to the store the other day,” Desiree says, “and bought some fresh lingerie, and I want to do a little fashion brandish and receive your opinion.”

She’s wearing a white undergarment, panties, stockings and a garter. Their opinion? Hard-ons.

“Do you adore the old-fashioned stockings?” Desiree asks them.

Definitely, but they mostly love pussy. Nothing old-fashioned about that. And Desiree loves their unyielding dicks…one in her pussy while the other is in her throat.

Funny thing: This scene starts as a fashion flaunt but ends with Desiree wearing absolutely nothing. Except cum on her face, certainly.

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Jennifer Matthews – Humping for Homework

Humping for Homework

Humping for Homework

“There may be cherries on my panties, but I’m no virgin! Everyone thinks that coz I am kind of nerdy and I get good grades that I am a prude, but nothing could be further from the truth. So what is the truth? That I invite sexy jocky studs over below the pretense of a study session, then I flash ’em my knickers and shag them. It works every time. I like being the worthwhile angel who’s actually wicked underneath it all. I’m trying to receive all the practice I can ’cause I urge to be just as worthwhile at sex as I’m at school work. So in a way it’s like studying…studying for sex!”

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Genesis Janes – Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret

Genesis is back! It’s been a couple of years since we saw her last. This babe was living in a tiny apartment with no AC somewhere in the Miami suburbs. It was so sexy that babe had to disrobe, bust out a quick climax and take a cold shower. Now that babe is moved up in the world, has a nice high-rise townhouse near the beach and a steady spouse. Do not worry, though. She’s still a naughty hotty who rubs and dildos her cum-hole every possible opportunity. “I not ever told my boy that I was on the web page. I don’t know how he’d respond. Maybe he’ll stumble upon my photos and we’ll copulate like mad, or maybe we’ll break up. I am not worried about it though–it makes it more adventurous. I sent in the original shots coz I thought it would be sexy. It was. Now I am doing it again ‘coz I need a little more excitement in my life. Each cutie loves having hot secrets.”

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