What’s a Mother like Tina doing bent over and widening her gazoo in an international men’s magazine? “I’m letting my wild side loose,” this babe said. “I do not need to do that too often. If you saw me during the day, I’d be dressed easygoing and conservative, dangling out with my kids, who still think I am phat. But I thought it was time for me to take care of my own needs for a change.” And take care of our needs, likewise. “It’s flattering to think that at age Fourty eight, I can make lads think smutty thoughts about me. All I get to do is bow over!”

After bending over, Tina turned over onto her back, took off the rest of her sexy raiment and widen her pink, moist, not-fucked-often-enough vagina. “Oh, sure, I receive my share,” this babe told, “but let’s face it, when you’re a Mama with teenagers around, u have to pick your spots. That’s why I was so avid to fuck one of your young fellows on digi camera.” That’s something u can see at 40SomethingMag.com and in an upcoming clip. But for now, have joy the view of Tina‘s constricted and luscious cookie.

When her kids aren’t in the car, Tina can’t live without to masturbate whilst driving. “Is that a fetish?” that babe told. “I’ve at not time gotten into an accident, but there’ve been times when people have pulled up next to me, and they had to know what I was doing from the look on my face. If my kids knew what I do in the car, they’d die.” And if they knew about this? “Honey, this is plan to be our secret!”