40 Something August 2007: 70 Pics of Georgina

“My spouse left me for some tramp this chab met at a nightclub this chab used to take his clients to,” says Brit enchanting heart Georgina. “I had a wonderful divorce lawyer, so I’m fairly well set. I only work when I desire, which leaves me a lot of time to play.”
“I’m happy now that we never had children,” she continues. “It has freed me up to do whatsoever I will with my time. And right now, I’m glad to boff any number of gents, mostly of the working class type, since my spouse was posh and would be utterly appalled to know I was having it off with the handyman, milkman, butcher and gardener. Those pics would have shocked him, also.”
“The idea to take those photos came from one of my blue-collar paramours, the bloke who came to fix the drip underneath my taskmaster baths sink. This chab was large and hunky and I absolutely threw myself at him. Oh, he resisted at first but I would not take no for an answer. And he couldn’t say no once his willy was in my throat! Besides, we had a bit of enjoyment for a few weeks and this gent suggested I’d be ideal for 40Something magazine.”

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