Fourty Smth August 2007: 70 Photos of Sue

It is been not quite two years since we saw sexy Sue in our issue #120. Back then, that babe said us her life was all work and no play and when one of our photographers identified her at a coffee shop, she thought, why the hell not?
Turns out that posing for 40Something changed her life. “I’m married now,” this babe crows. “My hubby saw me in 40Something, wrote to me care of the mag and, I have no idea, smth about his letter touched me. I got a scarcely any fan letters and I’ll admit I did not answer them all. But there was something special about his. Maybe it was just fate! Turned out he lived charming close to me so we hooked up for what I thought was just intend to be a gazoo call. At first, that’s all it was. And the sex was great!”
“I not ever had time to meet dudes so it was valuable to have a ‘friend with benefits’ to take care of my raunchy needs,” Sue continues. “But gradually, it turned into more than that. We got closer and closer until we lastly moved in together and then, on Valentine’s Day, this Lothario proposed to me, on one knee and everything. Corny, I know. But don’t think we’re total goofs. He asked me if I’d pose one time more in his beloved mag, this time as his wife. I can’t wait until this ladies man sees these–we’ll fuck all night!”

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