40Something October 2007 Peculiar #153: 70 Pics of Annie Body

“I did not think it was possible, but as I get older, I detect myself getting hornier,” told 38-year-old porno star Annie Body, one of the stars of the DVD M.I.L.F.S. and Mechanics. “It’s weird, coz here I am a adult star, and the bigger amount schlong I receive, the more I wish. It used to be that I could receive my fill of schlong on the set, but lately there’ve been times when I have done a shoot, then an hour later, I am looking for greater quantity dick.” Fortunately for Annie, her tight little body and flaming-red hair always attract the attention of males. “For some reason, chaps aren’t shy about coming up to me and saying, ‘Let’s fuck.’ And I’m not shy about taking ’em up on it.”
There was a time, maybe 10 or 15 years agone, when Annie’s unshaved bush wouldn’t have been so startling. But we live in an era of clean-shaved porno stars, and Annie’s lush, red growth actually stands out in the porn crowd. “I do not do it to stand out,” Annie said. “I have a hairy slit because I like having a hirsute cum-hole. I have had some porn directors ask me to shave it, but I by no means liked getting rogered with a hairless cookie. As pretty soon as the discharge is done, I grow it right back. Certainly, it takes some time to receive my bush as lush as it is in these pix. I suppose it looks indeed worthy. I like how it looks getting rogered.”

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