40Something October 2007 Special 153: 70 Photos of Audrey

These weights? That workout outfit? They’re not props. “They’re necessities,” Audrey told. “I got divorced about a year agone, and the fact is that at my age if I crave dudes, I acquire to decide to keep in shape. And I want bucks. Every night if possible.”
Getting divorced at age 42 threw Audrey’s life into a tailspin. “My boyfriend left me for his 24-year-old secretary,” this babe told. “I was depressed for about 3 months, then I decided the mourning was over. In the last nine months, I’ve banged more and better than I did in my final 10 years of married life combined.”
Audrey is a busy woman who usually works out at home, but when that babe is truly JOEL, that babe takes advantage of her membership at a local gym. “I think I’ve a reputation with the chaps at the Health Undress club,” this babe told. “I’m the Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK with the tight wet crack and the deep-throat mouth. I know I have a reputation because I have heard people talking about me, but that is ok. When I’m at the gym, the merely reason I am there is for weenie, in any case.”

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