40Something (SCORE Particular 159): 70 Pictures of Demi Dalia

Look familiar? She should. December ’07 issue? Movie Pick of “I Fucked Your Wife…Again!”? Demi is riding a rod and has a finger neatly tucked in her rectal hole.

Demi is no normal housewife. She’s married to a porn star and this babe is a porn star. But that is not the merely reason this babe might look familiar. Back in the 1990s, that babe appeared in two videos of the TV unveil Baywatch. In 1992, that babe was a cheerleader for the L.A. Clippers basketball team. Now she’s a full-time fuck doll.

Demi is an delightsome mix of Sicilian and American Indian. That explains her exotic looks. That babe loves to figure out. That explains her tight body and tighter cunt. In “I Fucked Your Wife…Again!” Demi fucks her trainer. They start out with stretching exercises, and pretty soon Demi is stretching her vagina around his knob.

In this photoset, Demi demonstrates her ability to get double-penetrated. “I by no means thought I’d be a porn star, but I’ve always loved being in front of the digi camera, and I definitely love sex, so for me, it is the flawless mix,” that babe told. “A lot of angels are getting out of porn at my age. Me? I’m just getting started!”

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