40Something (SCORE Peculiar 159): 72 Photos of Kendra

Don’t raise your hand in response to the question 41-year-old divorcee Kendra Bond positions in the headline down below: “Since my divorce, who haven’t I fucked?” It is a rhetorical question. And do not worry. This nympho from upstate Recent York will probably acquire around to u eventually.
“It’s like I’ve lived my life in three acts,” this babe said. “In Action One, when I was in my early 20s, I was a lap dancer at this skeezy strip club, and it wasn’t atypical for me to go home with one of the regulars and fuck his brains out. And I do not mean for money. I’ve not at all been a prostitute or anything like that, although once I screwed a guy, the tips always got more outstanding.

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