40something (Score Peculiar 165): 60 Pictures of Annie

Wicked Annie. That is what her spouse of 40 years called her even before those pix were taken. Annie would come home from her job at the library and engulf his cock previous to dinner. Then she’d receive him stiff some other time and ride his pecker during the time that they ate. But, ‘coz of her job, Nasty Annie could not be naughty in public…until now!

“I used to have a job that most people think of as boring, so they’d think I was a boring person,” Annie said. “My spouse was the solely person who knew otherwise, and that made it pleasure. But now that I am retired, I want to live life. We’re thinking about joining a swingers club.”
The ladies man behind the register at the local over 18’s store always seems shocked when Annie buys a recent toy. “I feel like saying to him, ‘Honey, my love tunnel can do things to your meat-thermometer that you have never dreamed of.’ I might be maturer, but that definitely makes me greater quantity priceless!”

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