63-year-old Sierra dominates a 24-year-old

63-year-old Sierra dominates a 24-year-old

In this scene, her first on-camera shag, 63-year-old Mommy, grandma and divorcee Sierra Fontaine dominates 24-year-old Connor.

When the scene widens, Sierra is putting on a dark, vinyl female-dom outfit, tying it tight around her big scoops, and fuck-me shoes. Her nails are long and done up. This babe has lengthy legs, and she’s wearing a spiked bracelet. When Connor brandishes up, she dictates him to receive on his knees. This buck obeys and crawls toward her. She stands him up by his chin, touches his lips sensuously and leads him to her bedroom, where this babe grabs a whip.

“You will do as I say. U will call me your woman. Understood? You’ve been such a nasty lad. U have to be trained, don’t u?”

This babe tells him to stroke his wang.

“Get over there and take your sexy clothing off,” that babe demands.

“Yes, female,” he says meekly.

“Get these pants off! Pick that ding-dong up! Toss off it! Thinking about fondelling my boobies while you are stroking that weenie? Thinking about this priceless, sexy pussy during the time that you are stroking that strapon?”

Damn right he’s!

This babe orders him to take off her fetching clothes, which he does, gladly. Then she binds his hands behind his back and has him take off her panties using his mouth.

“Lick my pussy,” Sierra says, lying back and spreading her legs.

This stud obeys.

“You wish me to suck that knob?” that babe asks.

“Yes, female,” that Lothario says.

And within seconds, Sierra has her 1st porno penis down her face hole and soon she is gonna have her 1st porno dick in her pussy and then, later, her 1st load of porn cum in her face hole.

Congratulations, Sierra.

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