A Sucky Try-out

A Sucky Audition

“I’ll admit that I sucked in my try-out. I sucked at singing and then I sucked a shlong. What happened was that my tryout didn’t kick off off so well. I was singing way off key. One of the producers told me that I wasn’t meant to be a singer, but I could still be a star if I drilled him precious. I was all about it! I like getting screwed rock hard, and it is even more fun if there is a digital camera in my face. The auditions truly took a turn for the better when the producer let me taste his weenie. And of course that led to us fucking. We went at it so hard and so long that I was a hawt mess by the time we were done. I was all perspired and had cum and makeup smeared all over my face. It is a smutty job, and that is why I adore it.”

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