All-American Jenny Hamilton

Looking at those pics of beginner Jenny Hamilton-and even knowing those images are appearing in 40Something-you might think, Traditional woman-next-door. Housewife. Mother. All-American girl. Maybe even a bit of a prude. And u would be… dead wrong! “Well, I’m the all-American hotty,” Jenny said. “But the secret is that the all-American gal isn’t always what u think she’s.”

Let’s play MILF Jeopardy. The answer is: “In my bedroom, blindfolded, listening to music on headphones, using toys, with a petticoat chaser with a big knob. Anal included.” The question is: “What was your kinkiest raunchy meeting, Jenny?” And her second- kinkiest meeting? “That’s facile,” that babe told. “In the 40Something studio, with a boy I met maybe five minutes earlier, large rod, in my arse.”

Worthy, fake funbags with a tattoo. Beefy twat. Pierced clit. Yes, the all-American beauty is being redefined right here in the pages of 40Something, and do not you like it? “I do,” Jenny told. “Men are always surprised when they watch the jewelry on my cum-hole ‘coz although I have taken ’em home 10 minutes after I met ’em, they still have this old-fashioned idea about me.” An idea that, in Jenny‘s mind, this babe thinks this babe reinforces. “Old-fashioned women took care of their chaps. I definitely do that, even if it is with lots of different dudes!”

Does the all-American hotty fuck her cunt with long, thick dildos? “This one does,” Jenny said. Does the all-American beauty stuff her arsehole with a anal plug and relish her own homemade DP? “This one does,” Jenny told, sighing as she pulled both fuck toys without her moist holes. “Especially since I have yet to have my first Dual Penetration, which is one larger quantity of my ultimate fantasies. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, and my ex-husband definitely wasn’t plan to invite one more buck into our bedroom. His loss.” Definitely. “On the beach. Blindfolded. One in my vagina, one in my wazoo.” We think you know the question to that answer.

All-American Jenny Hamilton