Another 40something Convert

Casey Bryant, a 44-year-old housewife from Georgia, walks into a garments shop looking to buy a suit to impress her boyfriend. But the dickhead behind the counter gives her a frumpy old-lady suit to try on.

“I think this suits u larger amount worthy, age-wise,” he says.
Is this boy kidding? Has he taken a precious view the piece of a-hole shopping in his store? Casey‘s voided urine, so that babe takes the frumpy costume into the dressing room along with a sexy red thing, and guess which one that babe tries on? The hawt red thing covers just about nothing, and just to be sure, Casey pops her meatballs out and waltzes out of the dressing room. Well, rectal hole behind the counter decides the frumpy dress really was not for her, after all.

Now, at this point, Casey should walk right out of the store. Would serve him right. But Casey is lascivious. That babe wants some shlong. And her mangos are already out, so what the heck?

Uh, did not that babe mention a hubby?

Another 40something Convert

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