Are U Willing To Go Bush?

“I identified some NN in the mall one day,” said Mylene. “I took them home and got a bit turned on looking at the hot girls, I need to admit. I guess I qualify as a cougar cuz I am divorced and I’m always looking for younger boys to screw. I am not interested in relationships, just some valuable, sweaty sex. I hope that the readers will like my pubes, likewise. I’ve at not time shaved them: not ever wanted to.”

“I’m definitely more lustful now than I was back in my 20s,” told Mylene. “I discover myself thinking about having sex a lot, and that leads to masturbating majority every night. I have a ally I go to bars and lap dancing clubs with, so we hunt studs together. Luckily, this babe goes for younger woman chaser than I do. I like lads in their early 30s. I have the same rule as other cougars in NN that I have read about: if the chap will not come home with me, he’s with out luck. If he’s a worthwhile paramour and does me worthwhile 2 or 3 times, I’ll give up my a-hole and even cook him breakfast in the morning. But one night with me is all he receives. It’s my rule.”

Are U Ready To Go Bush?