Auditions: 21:12 Minute Movie of Lucy Holland

Lucy Holland may be an mature fuckbag, but her love tunnel is still as constricted
as a spring chicken’s. You’d wonder how that could be, considering
that that babe is a stewardess who receives recent strapon in each state and country
she lands in. And Lucy has been to tons of places. That is tons of
cocks, and that babe is got plenty of years of experience beneath her thong. So
she knows how to slobber all over a knob like a proper old hoe. But
now, what about that cookie? It still works, still receives succulent and still
fits snugly over a palpitating piece of man-meat. How is that possible?
All we will say is that SEXY HOUSEWIVES are a wiley bunch. Don’t ask questions,
just stick it in and go with the flow.

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