Cougars prowl bars and exotic dancing clubs looking for younger hot boys to fuck. So Audrey works out to be in shape for sex with younger paramours. “I got divorced about a year ago, and the fact is that at my age if I crave men, I’ve to work to keep in shape. And I desire men: as often as possible. My job is very demanding, so I play hard to de-stress. If I’m not hooked up with a boy, I am out with my girlfriends 3 or four nights a week. There are four of us and we go out with the sole purpose of getting laid.”

Getting divorced at age Fourty two threw Audrey‘s life into a tailspin. “My ex left me for his 24-year-old secretary.” this babe said. “I was depressed for about three months, so to speak. In the final nine months, I have rogered bigger in size amount and cum larger quantity than in my final 10 years of married life combined.”

Audrey is a busy female who usually works out at home, but if she’s actually HENRY and her girlfriends are buys, this babe takes advantage of her membership at a local gym. “To some of the younger hot chaps at the gym, I’m the maturer hottie with the constricted fur pie, even tighter anal opening and the deep-throat face hole who’ll fuck ’em to exhaustion,” she told. “I know I have a reputation there ‘cuz my girlfriends -who go there cock-hunting, too- have heard people talking about me, but that is okay.”


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