Becca Rose's Shaggy Situation

These of you–and there’re tons of u out there–who love curly snatches are plan to love this lady. This babe is Becca Rose, a 48-year-old wife and self-described entrepreneur who was born in Okinawa, Japan and now lives in Louisiana. Becca says that babe doesn’t have a ton of free time, but that is not the reason that babe doesn’t shave her bush.

“I do not shave my bush coz I love it natural,” Becca told. “I like it, my partner loves it and each lady-killer I’ve ever been with can’t live out of it, so I guess I’ll keep it. Unless some concupiscent gent indeed craves to shave it off! Then I’ll let him do it, but I’ll definitely grow it back.”

In these pictures, Becca‘s hirsute fur pie receives a thorough inspection from our smooth operator CHRIS, who was amazed by how cushioned and furry it was. Becca enjoyed each second of the inspection and later said, “If I had known having sex on digi camera was so much pleasure, I would not have waited until I turned 48 to do it.”

Yeah, this is Becca Rose‘s 1st time on digi camera, and this babe described herself as “nervous but lascivious.” This babe says that most of her carnal encounters out side of marriage have been arranged or instigated by her spouse, as this one was no exception. Becca‘s spouse sent in her pics. We told to Becca, “Come on down!”

We too told her to keep the slit hair. And Becca said, “No problem!”

Becca Rose's Unshaved Situation