Bella Always Acquires Her Petticoat chaser...To Cum!

“I love watching a chap cum,” told Bella Marino, who was born in Germany, lives in Boca Raton, Florida and has at no time been married. “The main reason I posed for 40Something was ‘cuz I wanted to imagine all the chaps sat at home looking at my images in the mag and cumming. I know I cant see it, but I can think about your cum shooting without your rod and landing on my pix.”

Bella is curvacious, hawt, impressive. That babe has one of the nicest backs we have ever watched and one of the nicest fronts, also, so it’s not surprising that that babe enjoys having sex with the lights on. “I’m a very visible person,” Bella told. “Most chicks I know desire the lights off when they’re having sex, but I wanna watch everything. I wanna see my partner’s cock getting hard, and I wanna watch him eating my cunt. I wanna see his shlong going in and out of me.”

Bella looks right into the digital camera and invites us into her seductive world as that babe strikes a pose, opening up the one and the other of her PAUL, aged holes for our jacking pleasure. “Do you want to know what I was thinking about when I took this photo?” Bella said, not expecting for an answer. “I was thinking about all you men jacking your schlongs to get it rock hard and trying to make a decision whether u wanted to fuck my slit or my booty. And how if we were jointly, I would tell you, ‘Why don’t you fuck my snatch 1st, then u can fuck my booty!’ Or maybe you would just like to eat my holes!”

Bella Always Receives Her Lothario...To Cum!