Bend Me Over!

“My favourite sexual position? Bent over and in my gazoo!” said Fascinating heart, a tiny little fuck toy from Texas who says this babe is happily married. And why is that babe happily married? “Because my partner loves that I posed for 40Something and doesn’t mind if I fuck strangers…as long as he gets to view!”

The minute we saw Sweet heart‘s test pix, we shouted, “Bring her in!” Sure, this babe is a hawt woman with a marvelous face and a hot body, but one thing in peculiar captured our attention: her streaks of gray hair. It is smth we do not see very often, even with 40Something models who obviously aren’t trying to hide their age and are gratified of their bodies. It takes a assured female to let herself gray naturally, and Chick is 100% sure of her sexuality. “I not at any time must wonder about whether I can turn fellows on,” that babe told. “All I receive to do is check out the bulges in their trousers! I know I can get males stiff, and I am damn proud of it!”

“The fastest way for a chap to receive me off is to seize my ankles, spread my legs wide, rub his schlong on my twat and just fuck me,” Playgirl told. “Let me rub my clitoris a little bit. I’ll cum every time. Another way is to turn me over, widen my arse, seize my haunches and thrust deep in my pussy. A little areola engulfing, a little areola nibbling, a little rod mouthing and lots of screwing does it for me.”

Remember what Hotty said about her favourite position? Here, that babe demonstrates it: bent over and on all fours, one dildo in her wet crack, the other in her arse. “I love anal-copulation,” this babe told. “To feel a man’s pecker deep in my a-hole whilst I’m widening my cheeks wide… damn! There is no thing bigger in size amount wonderful than having a meat-thermometer in my booty, the charmer poking it in and out, taking it with out my asshole, letting it gape, slapping his 10-Pounder on my cheeks. I adore it!” She asks for it. She can’t live out of it. “I cant make almost certainly of I got paid to have anal job,” this babe told. “I’d do it for free any time!”

Bend Me Over!