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Boating Boobs

Dylann loves tanning her milky mams.
Dylann has a precious rack and she knows it. That babe has no qualms about getting topless on a boat and letting her wobblers hang during the time that other boaters pass her by and honk. “I have a wild streak. I love to flash my titties. They always receive a priceless reaction. If you’ve got it, expose it!”

Do u like to flash your bawdy cleft?
“For the digital camera, sure. I like to be naked outside, but I’ve no idea if that’s the same thing as flashing my bawdy cleft. I just like to be bare. I adore to stick my bawdy cleft in the face of the boy I am about to hook up with. I love when they check out it and spread it open right previous to sticking their tongue in and eating me out like my snatch is the last drop of water in the desert.”

What are you into sexually, Dylann?
“I’m bi erotic so I like being with babes. I’ve dated three vixens in my life. I like sweethearts so much, as much as guys. I don’t think I could select one over the other. My fantasy is to have a partner and a girlfriend at the same time, and we could all have sexy three-ways. I haven’t met anyone who’s open-minded enough for that yet, but hopefully I will soon.”

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