Boss Giving U A Inflexible Time? Fuck Her!

How many times have u fantasized about rogering your boss? Never? Yep, we thought so. But chances are you’ve by no means had a boss as sexy as Natasha, a 45-year-old divorcee from Southern California. Now, when this episode starts, Natasha is being a bitchy boss, and that might be a turn-on to some, but not to one of her workers, who’s sat there fantasizing about her. Her bitchiness breaks him without his fantasy, and he is thinking, “Fuck, I am in trouble.” No trouble. But banging, yes. She says that babe is noticed him watching her. This guy confesses. What else is this gent supposed to do? Damned if you do, damned if u do not, right. In this case, he is damned neither way. This stud is blessed by Natasha‘s face hole and wet crack. Our favorite scene in this movie scene comes at about 14:40, when Natasha bows over, lifts one fuck-shoed foot onto a chair and receives nailed from behind.

Boss Giving U A Hard Time? Fuck Her!