Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up!

Mae, why are u screwing at the doctor’s office?

“The intern needed to take my temperature from my ass, and when that ladies man stuck the thermometer in, I got actually lascivious! I even said him to stick it in deeper. Then this chab told me he was gonna give me a vaginal exam, and this chab stuck his fingers in my muff.”

Had u ever done anything like that before?

“No way! Previous to that I would never even had everything in my ass, not even a finger. I didn’t think a little thermometer would feel so worthy. And I of course at not time screwed in a doctor’s office before. It’s one of the kinkiest things I’ve ever done.”

Do you think that you’d love to try more anal play in the future? “

This experience definitely has me intrigued. I’m open to it now that I know it feels fine. But I would wish to start off light. Just some tongueing and fingering for now! But more than everything this experience has me wanting to fuck another doctor! They truly know their way around your body, and they’re so smart! The idea of a sexy doctor giving me an exam and exploring my body turns me on so much. I hope I not at all have a male gyno coz I might just jism all over him whilst he’s examining me! Is that atypical? I suppose it is gorgeous damn hawt!”

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