From Brandi’s personal collection…

From Brandi's personal collection...

See the beaded briefs 48-year-old Brandi Jaimes is wearing in these photos? They’re from her intimate stash. She brought ’em to our studio coz that babe thought they’d be a joy accessory for her photo-shoot.

“These are my prefered briefs. The beads rub on my clit and anal opening and it leaves me sexually excited and juicy all day lengthy. They’re great for when I know I’m intend to fuck later.”

Brandi doesn’t necessarily need the help of her beaded knickers to receive lewd. She’s naturally aroused all the time, and the undies add a little kick to her already raging libido. Love many of the MILFS who pass through our studio doors, Brandi is a married swinger and nudist. She likes to participate in orgies. That babe loves to get her wazoo banged, which this babe did for us, also. Sex is a greater than typical part of her life, and she fully embraces that.

“My favorite combination for gangbang is when I am the solely woman surrounded by 2 to four guys. That is supposed to mean more cum for me! I often fantasize about being team-fucked in a sex chair for hours with every single inch of me trickling from cum. I have plenty of dreams and I’m charming wild. My partner has to copulate me three to four times a day to keep me calm.”

Is that why that buck does it?

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