Bringing Back The Bush

“I not at any time shaved my muff and I at not time going to,” told 54-year-old first-timer Josette Lynn. “I’ve not at any time been one of these chicks who does things just ‘coz they’re stylish, and there’s no reason I should commence now. I’ve not at all been with a smooth operator who didn’t appreciate my full bush. Most chaps receive instantly rock hard when they watch it overflowing my swim suit bottom.”

If you haven’t been keeping track, curly love tunnel seems to be making a comeback, and that is not surprising. What was in-fashion yesterday will be out-of-fashion the next day. What’s uncool this day will be spruce next year. It’s the same way with pussy as it’s with garments, hair styles…everything. “A year ago, one of my girlfriends looked at my snatch and told, ‘Josette, u need to shave that hirsute thing!'” Josette recalled. “I said to her, ‘Honey, just u expect. Furthermore, u look like a little hotty down there. Chaps want mature vixens.”

Here’s that hirsute bush Josette Lynn is so gratified of! “One of my girlfriends said to me, ‘Josette, how is any stud gonna work his way throughout that?’ Well, each chap I’ve been with likes going down on my unshaved bawdy cleft, and let’s face it, a worthy, subrigid jock has no trouble working its way through anything. Knob slips into curly cunt as easily as it slips into hairless cunt…as long as the lady is turned on, certainly. Make no doubt of me, I’ve no problems at all about my muff being succulent.”

Bringing Back The Bush