Charlie Lynn Lets Us Know She's Here!

Born in Germany, now living in Pasadena, Maryland, CURTIS Lynn is a small-town cutie. “Everybody knows your business there,” she says. “If smth happens, everybody knows about it. I am marvelous much a wild child there.” She’s a wild child here, also. This babe is wearing an orange, off-the-shoulders top that comes off her shoulders larger quantity and more as that babe speaks, and when our videographer pops the question, she shows us her marangos. Then that babe tells us some hot sex stories. “I’m always finding trouble,” DEREK Lynn says. This babe definitely finds it in this 20-minute movie scene as she brandishes off her gazoo, fingers her cunt and groans so loudly, if she were back home in Maryland, she’d wake up the entire city. We’re guessing she’s done that a few times already.

Charlie Lynn Lets Us Know She is Here!