Luscious Secretary

Succulent Secretary

Welcome back, Chloe. How have u been since we final saw you in the Jan. ’14 issue?
“I’ve been great. I got a fresh job as a Personal Assistant and office worker. It’s just a part-time job to assist me along throughout university. It feels so grown up having to costume business easygoing to work. The ultimate thing about it, though, is my boss. He completely makes me goo my thongs. He’s probably about Thirty two or so, and he’s so hawt. I can tell this chab works out, and this skirt chaser just seems so powerful, assertive and authoritative.”

Have you let him know that you are into him?
“Oh, goodness no! I’m way also coy for that. I can barely speak whenever this skirt chaser comes around. I turn into a stuttering fool with a succulent spot between her legs! It is terrible, really. I’d like to work up the nerve to ask him out, but I do not have any experience with old dudes. Instead I just settle for playing with my fanny in the office when I work the later shift. The first time was just for kicks, but now I am hooked on rubbing one out whenever the office is empty.”

Have u been interested in anyone else moreover your boss?
“He is my massive crush right now, although I did shag some other boy in the office. That was just for fun. I’m not actually interested in him, but this charmer keeps asking me if I wanna hang out some other time. I just cant do it. I am so paranoid that my boss would identify out and think less of me, or that it would ruin any possible chance of us hooking up. When I slept with that boy I was imagining my boss the complete time! That chap thinks I had such a good large O ‘cuz of him, but um…not really! It was ’cause of my boss!”

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