Craving Meat

Craving Meat

Lengthy time no see, Jewel! How’ve u been recently?

“I’ve been great! I’m in college and having a lot of fun. To be honest, I have been kind of going through a lezzie phase. For a whilst I was hooking up with lots of boyz, but there was likewise much drama and they were distracting me from my studies. So I said myself I wasn’t gonna see anyone for the rest of the semester. But I was still actually amorous and masturbating was not cutting it, so I ended up fooling around with girls, and well, I liked it so much that I stuck with it!”

Have you been with any boyz since you started hooking up with girls?

“No, I haven’t! And that’s the thing, I am dying to acquire some dick! I really like fooling around with gals, and I don’t going to stop, but I need to get rogered by a real schlong ASAP. These little lezzies like having me on their team, but I am not a full-on lesbo. I’m part of the knob club, also. But it is been so lengthy since I have been with a lad that I feel a little rusty on my flirting and hooking up skills.”

It is like riding a bike. You just need to acquire back in the game and you’ll feel comfortable with it right away.

“Yeah, you are probably right. And I already have a smooth operator in mind. He’s in my economics class, and this dude is been the star in all my fantasies latterly. All I do in class is stare at him and imagine sucking his knob! Recently even when I have sex with a beauty I close my eyes and pretend that I am banging his rod instead of a sex toy. I think I get to make this one happen in a short time.”

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