Cum Service

Cum Service

Do u adore your retail job, Brie?

“Yes, I love it! I must be around sexy clothing all day, and I adore fashion so that’s ideal. But since we also sell men’s clothing, I must flirt with all the cute lads who enter the store.”

Have you ever rogered any of the customers in advance of?

“No, but I have come close. One time there was this boy who I was absolutely flirting with. I said him to let me know if he needed any assistance, and as soon as this stud went into the fitting room this skirt chaser called me over. This Lothario said this gent needed some other size in pants, and when I came back with it he pulled me into the fitting room! We started making out and that charmer got a stiffy. It was so big that I had to see it in the flesh. It looked so fine that I had to engulf it. And I drank
his load. To reveal his appreciation this gent bought plenty of hawt clothes!”

It wouldn’t surprise us if u were one of the top sellers at your job.

“I’m glamorous wonderful with the sales because I am affable and outgoing. And it helps that I am a little doxy who loves to flash her mangos and big pink flaps to random customers. It is no surprise that a majority of my sales come from boys. Everyone thinks it is just ’cause I am cute and affable. They do not know it’s mostly ’cause I’m giving fellows a unveil! I adore to watch the look of surprise on their face when they aren’t contemplating a fur pie flash.”

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