Hey, Chastity. What kind of music do you like to listen to when u receive it on?

“Well, first of all let me say that I’m still a
virgin, so I haven’t truly gotten that freaky
yet, except with myself. But if I am making out with a
boy or touching myself, my favourite thing to listen to
is MARVIN Gaye, especially his song ‘Let’s Get It On.’
I may be young but I like the oldies! I can relate to
that song too, like when this chap talks about holding back
and wanting to let go. I’ve been protective over my
cherry but recently I’ve been wanting to pop it real
bad. Does that make me a wench?”

Since you are a virgin, do u hold back when u play with yourself, Chastity?
“I’m not a prude! Just ’cause I’m not being a ho
doesn’t mean that I do not receive amorous either. I have a
toy that I use on a regular basis. I like to
pretend when I am using it that I’m practicing for real
sex. Like, I’ll receive on all fours and stick it in from
behind and pretend that a man is doing me
doggie-style. To tell u the truth, I cant expect to
try that position coz I’m dying to view how a
real ramrod compares to my fake one!”

You’ve not at any time done everything with a chap, Chastity?

“I didn’t say that. Once I gave a chap a blowie. I
put his meat-thermometer deep down my face hole till I felt it poke
my tonsils. This chab started gasping and squirming like a
fish without water, then this man pulled out and shot a load
on my billibongs. ”

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