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When Dana met BOBBY, that babe identified a petticoat chaser who could fuck her the way that babe liked to be screwed. COREY could last for hours and he knew just how to stick his rod into her muff so this babe couldn’t help but cum over and over anew. GLEN loved Dana’s love button ring, and made a point to take up with the tongue at it each chance this smooth operator got, leaking his tongue in circles around the little pierced nub until Dana squirted her juices all over his lips.

What Dana always actually wanted, though, was for TROY to fuck her. And fuck her that chap did, for hours and hours, during the time that she came all over his shaft and balls. Dana’s much loved position was straddling ADAM but not facing him – this babe liked to face away from him. That way, his penis curved right up into her secret spot and as that babe bounced up and down on his manhood, this woman chaser would stuff into her g spot, making her cum harder than that babe ever thought possible.

Dana spread her legs, revealing her piercing and her impressive cum-hole. Her thighs were already perspired and her muff already succulent with expectation as RALPH drove himself into her tight cum-hole. Over and over this fellow pounded into her, occasionally reaching around and massaging her naked love button and bringing her to some other sopping juicy big O. Finally, after Dana had let herself be permeated again and one time larger amount, KYLE let go, spilling his man-juice into her twat. Dana felt him throb inside her and came some other time too, mixing her juice with his.

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