Desi and Elli

Desi and Elli live in Tampa, Florida. Elli has a very close relationship with her divorced Mama. “We usually talk several times a day and we talk about majority anything,” told Elli. “Like if either of us is dating a fresh stud, we’ll discuss when we’re plan to sleep with him for the first time, and afterward, what that chap was like. But we do not get into greater amount details than that. So I didn’t think twice about telling Mama I was intend to pose for NN. And I indeed wasn’t surprised when this babe wanted to do it, too.”

“We both posed on the same day and acceded to fool around together during the time that trying on the hawt garments, but we decided to keep our briefs on for that,” told Elli. “of course we’ve been exposed together, like in changing rooms and ram, but we weren’t intend to stay in the same place and spread our cookies and use our toys…eeew, that would be creepy! Ok, I gave my Mamma her 1st sex toy and now we do talk about different toys, but that’s sufficient. It will even be a bit odd for the one and the other of us to watch each other’s wicked pictures in the mag.”

“I’m getting laid a lot bigger in size quantity than Elli right now,” told Desi. “I meet lots of boyz through work and I’m always willing to go on a date if a hawt, single lad asks me out. I will not have sex before a 3rd date, but, on the second date, I’ll make that clear to the boy if he’s agreeable to me. Elli is putting lots of time into her marketing job and doesn’t have time to date, so I guess her toys are getting lots of use. I know she is always wanton…just like her Mother.”

“I like to be eaten out untill I cum and then screw in all sorts of positions, finishing up doggie-style when it is time for my lover to cum,” told Desi. “I’ll probably be about 3 orgasms ahead of him. A great night of sex means banging 3 or four times and cumming a complete bunch.”

“I like cumming in the missionary position with a lot of cuddling and kissing and eye contact,” said Elli. “I like for the boy to acquire me off 1st by touching with tongue my clitoris, then that buck can do me any way that he urges.”

Desi and Elli


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