Impure Girl

Dirty Girl

Are u washing up for everything special, Vanessa?
“I’m plan to my friend’s abode, and we’re probably gonna fool around. I like to make sure my cookie is clean and shaved just in case. I should probably too mention that my friend is a hotty. We don’t always hook up, but sometimes we do. It’s totally kewl and amenable ’cause it’s a real allies with benefits situation. We can talk about hooking up with other people and there is no awkwardness or jealousy between us. I have even hooked up with her room mate before, this cute stud Josh.”

Would you ever have a three-way with ’em?
“No way. I mean, I would, but my girlfriend wouldn’t go for it. She is absolutely a lesbian. Although the other day that ladies man did catch us fooling around. Her door was not locked and that gent
came in. I jumped behind her dresser, and this babe was hiding below the covers. And the strapon sextoy on the couch gave us away for sure.”

How did u love using the strap-on?
“It was nifty! That was really my first time using it. Now I know what boys mean when they say their legs are sore after sex. Pumping my ally with that thing on is a workout! I don’t think I was that good at it, but this babe screwed me truly priceless with it. It was eager ’cause it felt like I was being fucked by a real knob, merely there was a hotty on top of me!”

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