Divorcee On The Prowl

For over 30 years, Jillian, Fifty four, lived a very unfulfilling sex life with her boyfriend LARRY. During the days, she tended to beds as a nurse. At night, this babe tended to a very lonely ottoman as her spouse rarely initiated sex with her. Finally, it took a doctor and his unorthodox practices to open Jillian‘s eyes to what she was missing out on.

“They hired this recent doctor at my hospital,” this babe said. “He was a youthful lads with some different theories about how to take care of patients. One of his beliefs was that rectal thermometers were the almost all accurate way of taking a patient’s temperature.”

You can guess what happened next. And now that that babe is divorced and come to realize that this babe is an anal-copulation paramour, Jillian doesn’t plan on stopping anytime in a short time.

“Getting divorced was inflexible on me, but it was necessary,” she said. “I’m looking for two bucks now so I can have two dongs at one time, one in my love tunnel and the other up my ass. I won’t waste my time with one more ladies man who will not give me what I need to have. And if there are any readers out there who crave a piece of my tail, I’m waiting to hear from them. I finally feel free to cum!”

Divorcee On The Prowl


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