Eliza receives JMac’ed

Eliza gets JMac'ed

“Oh my god, people would be shocked to see me here. I’m a quiet housewife,” told Eliza Kelay, a 40-year-old wife and Mom from Ohio. Here, this babe is getting fucked each which way by big-dicked JMac. That is not smth quiet housewives from Ohio usually do.

But, u know, quiet housewives are often the ones with the majority surprises. Eliza too describes herself as conservative, and she can come across as coyness at first. But give her a wang and her true colors will reveal.

Eliza got married just 3 years agone and has five step-children. She is not a swinger or nudist, but she’s had a dunky in number trios, of which that babe said, “I orgasmed until I had a seizure.”

One of the majority interesting facts about Eliza is that she used to be a math teacher. Somehow, we have a feeling her students didn’t learn much. Not ‘coz Eliza lacks teaching skills but because her students were probably paying more attention to her hot body and worthwhile mellons. At the very least, they learned how to appreciate a foxy older woman.

We wonder if any of her former students are out there, looking at those pix and Eliza’s first 2 shags at 40SomethingMag.com. Eliza hopes they are.

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