Anything You Want

Everything You Want

Hey, Jean. Are you really 18?

“Yes, I’m! I acquire asked that all the time and it’s kind of annoying. Everybody thinks ‘cuz I am skinny and have braces that I am younger than I look. What I indeed don’t adore is that some fellows will be afraid to talk to me ‘coz they think I am underage. And it doesn’t aid that I like older studs, so I guess they’re even more paranoid about it than anybody who is closer to my age. If it comes down to it, I’ll even take out my driver’s license to unveil them that I’m 18, almost 19! But I think looking juvenile is priceless in a way ‘coz when I receive maturer people will still think I am younger than I actually am.”

How sexually skilled are you? Are u still a virgin?

“I’m not a virgin. I’ve had some sex but not a ton. I had sex for the first time right after I turned 18. I was the last one of my friends who was still a virgin so I was dying to acquire laid. My 1st time was actually really nice and nothing likewise crazy. I went to this guy’s house with my friend and during the time that that babe observed TV that dude went down on me and fingered me, then eventually drilled me.”

Was your friend in the room during the time that u were losing your virginity?

“Yes. She didn’t stare at us or everything but later on that babe told me this babe fingered herself during the time that listening to us have sex.”

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