Here are some of the 1st pix from out cross country journey. These are all of the flashing Love muffins photos from August 20 to September 2, 2007 from various places across the USA. Most of them are inside the RV while we was driving, and as you can tell from the funky angle of the shots, almost any are taken by me while I was driving, so all I could do was point in the general direction of Toni KatVixen and snap away. That babe did some driving as well and joined us for numerous days, so u also acquire her funbags as well! There’re likewise a hardly any pix of us in Las Vegas, we prevented by Minxx (where a certain NFL player got into some major trouble and people got killed I even got a pic of some of the bullet holes) and had a indeed priceless time, we got to know a dancer quite well and got some pics with her, Minxx was a VERY wonderful place and more then worth it to visit, but here is a MAJOR insider secret, DONOT DRIVE or DON’T TAKE A CAB to ANY Vegas club, CALL THE LAP DANCING CLUB and ask if they have a limo, odds are, they do, and they will come and get u and won’t charge a door fee. Minxx is a high class place and I detect it sad that they have a reputation for some BS which was not their fault, but the fault of some dumbass with a shitload of cash. I look forward to returning there on our next tour to Vegas. Larger amount photos coming pretty soon! ~ Torn Rose Larger amount Here