Freaky Farm Goddess

Freaky Farm Girl

Megan, are you truly a farm girl?

“I sure am! I have lived on a farm in Kansas with my family for about 11 years. I can milk cows and ride horses and catch a pig if I need to! And I can make bread and butter from scratch. I truly am a country cutie at heart. But that doesn’t mean that I’m a bumpkin! I still enjoy getting dolled up and going out with my girlfriends to flirt with fellows. Eventually I would adore to move to a larger town ‘cuz I’ve not at all skilled that lifestyle, and it intrigues me. I guess I would adore all the hustle and bustle. And certainly, the boyz!”

Do u have a spouse right now?

“No way. I’m likewise juvenile for anything serious, and furthermore, I love being single also much to acquire fastened down! I would detest to get to pick just one shlong to stick to. Right now I’m dating 3 lads and my sex life is freakin’ beautiful. Every one of ’em brings something different to the table. I adore variety!”

What’s specific about the bucks you’re dating?

“Guy number one is super hawt and this charmer has a greater than standard, thick ramrod. Unfortunately we do not have the greatest conversations, but that is ok! All I want to do is engulf his strapon in any case. The second chap is really kewl, but his pecker isn’t that larger than average. But that ladies man makes up for it by giving me crazy-good head. And lad number 3 is a freak. He’s ready to try everything kinky!”

What are some kinky things you have done with guy number three?

“We’ve had lots of sex in public. Adore in parks and bathrooms. He loves to roleplay, and that chap acquires actually into it. Like, we’ll pick characters to be and we’ll meet up separately at a restaurant and pretend to be these people. He never breaks character! This chab likewise loves to tie me up and blindfold me, and he’ll even let me do it to him, also. Next week we’re plan to try anal. I bought a larger than standard bottle of lube just for the occasion. I cant wait!”

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