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Jodi West, who’s Fourty six years aged and from Las Vegas (by way of Scottsdale, Arizona), describes herself as “happily married,” and we think it’s worthwhile that her presumably pleased husband doesn’t mind that this babe flies all the way to our studio to fuck total strangers. This babe puts her occupation as “cam host/XXX star/Internet personality,” which means hubby actually doesn’t mind what this babe does.

Moreover, judging from these initial pics, Jodi sucks well and copulates well. She says she’s into exhibitionism, light servitude and costumes, and when we asked her about her erotic dream, she told, “I’m living it right now!”

You know, sometimes you never can tell about a goddess. Jodi was a virgin until her prom night on her senior year in high-school. And 28 years later, this babe is doing this!

By the way, if you’re wondering about her constricted body, which we’re sure u are, the vitals are 5’6″, 120 pounds, 38-24-35. Admirable. And her undergarment size?


Fuck Jodi West, Youthful Fellow!