Fulfilling Her Favorite Fantasies

“I’m pleased and thrilled to be doing this,” said Venice, who’s playing out one of our much loved fantasies: hot teacher. “I’m calling up a not many girlfriends and letting ’em know. They all expect the unexpected from me. I do not think everything I do fazes them also much.” Even screwing in front of the camera, which that babe did for 50PlusMILFs.com? “Even that,” that babe said.

“Doing porn is not what I thought it would be,” Venice told. “It’s an art form and it is interesting. It’s a whole fresh smth to learn, which I love to do. And the finest part of it’s that I am having sex with new people every time.” Venice loves having sex with new people in recent places. “I’ve had too many weird raunchy encounters to mention!” this babe said.

Venice acquires around. That babe was born in Germany, grew up in the midwestern United States and lives in San KEVIN. This babe started modeling when she was 16, did tons of department store catalog modeling when she was in her 20s and mid-30s, then gave it up, went to school for interior design and now owns her own design business. And now that babe is here. “I think it’s where I belong.”

Fulfilling Her Prefered Fantasies