Fuzziest of Them All

Fuzziest of 'em All

Ivetta, have you ever shaven your pubic hair?

“No, I haven’t. I was very sheltered growing up, and all I knew was that gals hairless their legs and below their arms. It not at any time occurred to me to shave my pubes! And now I’m just so used to having a bush that I do not urge to a predicament shaving it.”

Has a Lothario ever asked you to shave down there?

“No, but I have merely had a stud go down on me one time, and that ladies man knew beforehand that I had a bush. This buck can’t live out of that.”

Did that guy make you cum?

“I think so. It felt indeed priceless and love I might have reached a agonorgasmos. But I do not have much experience so I am not sure.”

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