Holistically Hattie, The Interview

Holistically Hattie, The Interview

Numerous months agone, S.D., a 40 something mag reader from Maryland wrote, “On The Learning Channel, they had a program called “Strange Sex,” and one movie was on cougars and featured a Seventy something cougar from New York named Hattie. How about trying to acquire her to pose for your mag?”

As it turned out, Hattie was “Holistically Hattie,” a 74-year-old divorcee from Recent York who had too appeared on ALVIN Stern’s Sirius/XM satellite radio display. When that babe was 52, Hattie had won 1st prize in an over-50 bathing suit dish contest at New York City’s famed Roseland ballroom. And she’s a sex tutor and author of the books “Sex And The Single Senior” and “Retro Age.” And she’s a self-described cougar who only has sex with much-younger guys. And this babe has her own Wikipedia page.

So, Hattie had achieved a certain amount of fame (partly ‘cuz her encounter with DAVID Stern was a bit contentious at first with JEFFERY referring to her-before this smooth operator laid eyes on her-as an “old bag”). But she had at no time posed in nature’s garb for any magazine or web site. Would this babe receive exposed for us?

Well, the answer was, “Sure!” No, Hattie didn’t have sex on digital camera. But in this week’s postings (today’s movie scene interview, Wednesday’s hawt pictures and Friday’s sex tips), Hattie proves, one time one more time, that sexuality has no age limitations.

So relish Hattie. You might CRAIG. You’ll definitely learn smth.

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