Hot And Steamy

U are looking at a 40something woman who has done a lot of rogering in her life. Gina Rome is not the archetypical old woman who suddenly discovers sex when this babe turns 40. No way. A star of well over 200 fuck films since this babe was in her 20s, Gina says, “I’m easy. I just urge sexy, steamy sex.” Gina isn’t into any fetishes. She doesn’t urge u to tell her that she’s a bad gal, and that babe has no crave to fuck u with a strap-on. “I love to engulf cock and I love getting banged hard and lengthy,” she said. “I’ve been horny for as long as I can remember, and I don’t think that will ever change. It is just me.”

“I know u might identify this stiff to make almost certainly of coming from a lady who’s had sex on screen hundreds of times, but I’m sexually passive,” Gina told. “I not quite always expect for the woman chaser to make the first move, and I’ve discovered that if the fellow I have my eyes on doesn’t make the 1st move, then another lad will come along in no time. Do not be passive, lads. If u see what you wish, go for it!”

“When I started doing porn, almost every goddess had a bushy muff,” Gina said. “Now almost each cutie is bald, but I’ve had bush all along. I was born in Italy, and bushy twats are the thing there. I have at no time had a gent ask me to shave it. I think it gives so much fun, nobody wishes to change a thing!”

Hot And Steamy