How to please an old lady, by Chery Leigh

How to please an maturer female, by Chery Leigh

“I’d never professional an orgasm until I met my 3rd husband,” 60-year-old beauty Chery Leigh told. “In 20 years, my ex-husband might have gone down on me twice. Then I met my current partner, and the first time we had sex, this chab went down on me right away. I was trying to poke him away ‘coz I didn’t know what to expect, and all of a sudden, he had me having an climax within minutes.”

There’s been no turning back for Chery, who screwed on-camera at for the 1st time when she was Fifty five years aged and returned to us at the mellow, prime age of 60 to enjoy her 1st DOUBLE PENETRATION at and in the video Granny Fuck Lap dancing club.

Chery is a swinger. When she had sex with the other members of the Granny Screw Club, it was not her first time with a headmistress. Or hotty’s. She is had sex with guys she’d just met. She’s been at the center of a team fuck with seven men.

“It’s love someone turned on the faucet and not at all turned it off!” that babe said.

If u had said Chery 10 years ago that one day, she’d be at an adult web site like, clothed all hot and teaching lads how to make love to an older woman–as she does in the episode version of this scene–she would’ve said you were batty. Back then, Chery had no idea how a gent should make love to an mature woman. This babe does now.

Back in 2013, we asked Chery if the people who knew her would be surprised to watch her here, and that babe told, “Those who are not aware of me being a swinger would be greatly surprised.”

And those who knew her in 2005 would’ve been incredibly surprised to investigate that she is now a swinger.

“I take worthy care of myself,” that babe told. “I go to the Health Undress club every single day.”

She’s in great fuckin’ shape…great shape for fucking. Have joy. Learn something, too.

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